WINTERSTEIGER band-saw blades for sawmill operations

With its BANSO brand, WINTERSTEIGER has for years been the leading supplier of high-quality stellite band-saw blades up to a width of 150 mm. In the past – and especially in the mobile band-saw equipment market – demand has mainly been for blade width of up to 100 mm.

Market requirements for sawing equipment with even better performance and cutting results have increased the demand for wider, and thus more stable, saw blades with a width of up to 150 mm. This is a field in which WINTERSTEIGER can build on expertise from all fields of material and production knowhow, but also from many years of experience in thin-cutting technology.


State-of-art production technologies guarantee a consistently high manufacturing quality and above average performance for band-saw blades by WINTERSTEIGER.

Punctual delivery and fast availability have helped us become a strong partner for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of band-saws, as well as sharpening and service operators.


Experience the quality of our BANSO band-saw blades yourself!