Bike Services for bike shops and bike rental stores

Bike Services for bike shops and bike rental stores

Cleaning, drying and management

How can you widen your range of services and simplify your processes? With bike washing systems, software solutions, and drying units from WINTERSTEIGER!

Practical solutions from WINTERSTEIGER for bike shops and bike rental locations

Does your business pride itself on efficiency, innovative services, top-rated customer service, and being a stand-out in its industry? Experienced bike shops and bike rental businesses know how they can set themselves apart from the competition – with innovative value-added services. Offer your customers attractive services with the following products from WINTERSTEIGER:

  • Invest in bike washing systems to clean bikes before or after their service or repair.
  • Use the practical functions of Easyrent and Easywork , such as the availability check or the option to book group reservations, to simplify the rental process.
  • Place drying units in your store to ensure dry and hygienic rental gear for your customers.

Enjoy the benefits of Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER


Both the Velobrush and Veloclean Pro bike washing systems, and the Easyrent and Easywork software solutions can be configured in line with your requirements.


The bike cleaning systems use very little water, while the drying units are extremely energy efficient.


Clean more bikes in less time and record customer data more quickly, all with products from WINTERSTEIGER.


With integrated wheels, the Veloclean Pro is easy to move.
a woman in the workshop operates easyrent bike rental software. | © WINTERSTEIGER

WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services in action for bike shops and bike rental shops

Join countless bike shops and bike rental locations by relying on the quality of Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER!  

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Bike Services for use in bike shops and bike rental locations

Customer reviews of the WINTERSTEIGER products for the bike industry

Ski rental Garmisch Logo.| © WINTERSTEIGER
The daily burden on staff for bike cleaning has been considerably reduced since we've been using the Velobrush. We're extremely pleased with the cleaning results. It's certainly been a worthwhile investment for us.
Martin Voigt
Owner of Garmisch ski rental center

FAQs on using Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER

You'll find helpful tips and tricks for thoroughly washing bikes in our FAQs on bike cleaning.

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