WINTERSTEIGER drying units

WINTERSTEIGER drying units

for functional bike clothing

After a challenging bike tour, your outfit is sweaty or soaked from the rain. However, this doesn't mean that functional clothing has to go in the washing machine after every tour!
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Innovative systems for drying bike clothing

It is often sufficient to completely dry and disinfect T-shirts, trousers etc. and they are ready for use again. Drying with WINTERSTEIGER's highly efficient appliances is particularly hygienic.

Innovative drying technologies such as GreenDry or SpeedDry are used. These can be optionally extended with Sterex plasma technology: This is a tried-and-tested, environmentally friendly and material-friendly process for removing bacteria and viruses.

Dry & Protect: reliable drying devices for the bike industry

Open or closed systems, for placement in the hotel's own drying room or as a supplementary offer in bike hire - WINTERSTEIGER drying units are flexible and versatile. One thing is clear - they offer attractive benefits not only for bikers:

The rapid and energy-efficient drying process saves time and economic resources.
Comprehensive disinfection and odour reduction are essential for hygienic clothing and a plus in terms of health care.
The washing intervals of the functional clothing are extended and the material (especially the impregnation) and the environment are protected.
The space-saving design guarantees maximum spatial flexibility, as the drying systems can be integrated into almost any room.
GreenDry is a technology that works with highly energy-efficient and economical condensation drying. Appliances equipped with this technology consume up to 60 % less energy than comparable solutions.

WINTERSTEIGER: your partner for bike services

Bike washing systems, bike storage systems, software solutions for bike hire and rental: WINTERSTEIGER's product range for the bike industry is diverse. Take advantage of our many years of experience - supplement your range of services and make your day-to-day work easier!

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