Bike Services for sports retail

Bike Services for sports retail

Cleaning, drying and equipment rental management

Join countless sports retailers and invest in bike washing systems, software solutions and drying units from WINTERSTEIGER to expand the range of services you offer.

Efficient solutions from WINTERSTEIGER for sports retailers

Whether you use them to expand your range of bike services, or design efficient workflows, the solutions from WINTERSTEIGER for the bike industry will support you in your day-to-day work. But how?

Install bike washing systems on your premises to offer customers high-quality cleaning stations.  Try our software to optimize your rental processes and workflows. Give your customers the option to dry their equipment like helmets, gloves, and body armor when in the store.

Advantages for you

Configurable solutions

tailored to your specific needs

High-quality systems

for bike cleaning and drying helmets, body armor, gloves, and sportswear

Odor reduction 

ensures clothes and gear is pleasant to wear next time

Environmentally friendly systems

for washing bikes

Ergonomic working height

when cleaning bikes

Versatile use 

for drying jackets, pants, respirators, boots, helmets, and gloves

Time savings

through innovative technology

Optimized work processes

with the help of the exclusive customizable software from WINTERSTEIGER
colorful bicycles in a sports store. | © WINTERSTEIGER

WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services for sports retail

WINTERSTEIGER helps sports retailers expand their portfolio of services. For example, how about adding a bike washing system so customers can clean their bike while in store? We can help you extend the range of services you offer!

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These customers were impressed by our Bike Services

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Bründl sports logo| © WINTERSTEIGER
The Velobrush makes the daily washing of our fleet of rental bikes much easier for our staff. The short washing cycle, results, and ergonomic operation speak for themselves. Our customers appreciate the additional bike washing service.
Christian Cantonati
Bründl Sports Store Manager, Saalbach

FAQs on using Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER

Find out how to wash individual bike components or where it is best to clean your bike in our FAQs on bike cleaning.

News about our Bike Services

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