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For fully automated bike cleaning

Gentle, efficient, and eco-friendly— the Velobrush cleans bikes quickly and extremely thoroughly. How does it work? The sophisticated washing system is equipped with special low-pressure technology, rotating brushes and strategically positioned high-pressure nozzles throughout the system. This design guarantees bikes are cleaned in an effective, eco-friendly way that's especially thorough on the rims and tires.


With the Velobrush bike washing system, you can offer cyclists a highly efficient cleaning station. Whether after an exceptionally dirty bike ride or before a service, bikes can be cleaned quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner in the bike washing system.

Clean and safe: By offering this cleaning service, you help athletes stay safe while riding and increase the service life of their bikes.

Bike washing systems can be placed at any location where people ride bikes. The Velobrush is used in the following sectors:

  • Bike workshops and rental stations use the Velobrush to clean bikes before and after service and to enhance their range of services.
  • Towns and communities provide the washing systems as a way of showing their hospitality.
  • Tourism companies and hotels use the bike washing system to expand their services and market themselves as bike-friendly businesses for their guests.
Technical information
Supply voltage: 2/N AC 240 V, 60 Hz
Nominal rating: 6,5 kW
Nominal current: 16 A
Dead weight:

2470 lbs [1120 kg] dead weight (without liquids)

Dimensions (L x W x H):   

95.6 x 68.5 x 71.6 in [2430 x 1740 x 1820 mm]

Water tank:

106 gallons  [400 L]


Simple and intuitive operation
Maximum convenience with ergonomic system for effortless bike loading
Two horizontal rotating brushes and a gentle spray clean the bike from end to end
Rims and tires get a powerful clean thanks to six tornado nozzles with a water pressure of 12 bar
Capacity of up to 25 bikes per hour
Versatile system cleans any conventional cycle, from racing bikes to electric mountain bikes
Product characteristics

The Velobrush innovative cleaning concept is impressive. The following components help to provide a gentle yet thorough clean:

  • Separate high pressure unit gives rims and tires a professional clean
  • The integrated water pan combined with a powerful filter system minimizes water consumption in recirculation mode
  • Closedattractive design
  • Innovative transport carriage for loading bikes maximizes ease of use


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The daily burden on staff for bike cleaning has been considerably reduced since we've been using the Velobrush. We're extremely pleased with the cleaning results. It's certainly been a worthwhile investment for us.
Martin Voigt
Owner of Garmisch ski rental center


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