Bike Services for towns, municipalities, and communities

Bike Services for towns, municipalities, and communities

Cleaning and drying

Many cities, towns, municipalities, and local communities are already using the bike washing systems, software solutions, and drying units from WINTERSTEIGER – so why not join them?

Efficient solutions from WINTERSTEIGER for towns and communities

Have you noticed that the number of cyclists is constantly increasing? Why not benefit from this trend and market your community as cycling-friendly? With Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER this is easy to do, and in a sustainable way too! Towns and communities near exhilarating bike trails could make themselves even more attractive to sports enthusiasts by installing bike washing systems. There will be no extra burden on your personnel either, as the systems can be equipped with a self-service terminal.

Advantages for you

Solutions tailored to your requirements

such as bike washing systems with custom washing programs and designs

High-quality solutions

for bike cleaning

Ecofriendly systems

for washing bikes
6 citizens cycle through a city. | © WINTERSTEIGER

WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services for towns and communities

Products from WINTERSTEIGER enable you to market your location as a go-to destination for residents and tourists who ride bikes. Additionally, they make work easier for your staff. 

By installing bike washing systems like Velobrush or Veloclean Pro, you can offer cyclists an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solution for their bikes.

Our software solutions can also be tailored to your needs.

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Our product portfolio for municipalities, towns, and communities

FAQs about Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER

Find out how to clean dirt off individual bike components or where it is best to clean your bike in our FAQs on bike cleaning.

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