Bike washing systems from WINTERSTEIGER

Bike washing systems from WINTERSTEIGER

For manual or fully automated bike cleaning

The bike cleaning product range from WINTERSTEIGER includes a wealth of options – from thorough bike cleaning to pre-washes performed manually or fully automatically. Veloclean Pro and Velobrush boast high-quality components and technologies, practical features, and easy use.
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What are the advantages of bike washing systems from WINTERSTEIGER?

Effective and professional

bike cleaning


due to low water consumption

Versatile solution 

– for use both indoors and outdoors

High-quality components

for a long service life

Ergonomic operation


– can be used where it's needed

What are the main areas of use for bike washing systems?

Bike washing systems from WINTERSTEIGER can be installed anywhere cyclists visit. The Veloclean Pro system for manual cleaning or the fully automated Velobrush system are used in a variety of areas depending on the requirements.

  • In towns and communities, for example, at gas stations, charging stations, or campsites, they can be offered as additional services for cyclists.
  • At resorts and hotels your guests will be delighted to be able to clean their bikes after a tour or before departing.
  • In workshops or your store you can impress customers with the additional service of cleaning their bike after a repair.
  • At rental stations, Veloclean Pro and Velobrush are a great solution for cleaning a variety of bikes as quickly as possible.
velobrush operator rolls bicycle into the washing system | © WINTERSTEIGER

What technology and equipment do Velobrush and Veloclean Pro feature?

Our bike washing systems use low-pressure technology to ensure bikes are cleaned extremely gently. The waste-water collection tank and the optional oil separator guarantee they are ecofriendly. 

Want to get a deeper insight into the best features and equipment our bike washing systems have to offer? Take a look at our references for inspiration!

Which forms of financing are on offer for bike washing systems from WINTERSTEIGER?

As well as being able to buy the systems outright, we also offer leasing or rental options. Our area sales managers are happy to help you with any general questions and information regarding Bike Services financing.