Bike Services for tourism companies and hotels

Bike Services for tourism companies and hotels

Cleaning, drying and management

Countless tourism companies and hotels recognize they can expand their range of services, protect the environment, and save time with bike washing systems, software solutions, and drying units from WINTERSTEIGER!

Practical solutions from WINTERSTEIGER for tourism companies and hotels

Experienced tourism agencies and hoteliers know how to impress their guests: with practical value-added services. Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER are particularly useful in destinations with an increasing number of cyclists.

  • Install bike washing systems in well-frequented areas such as city centers or campsites so you can offer your guests the use of an ecofriendly cleaning station!
  • Use Easyrent and Easywork to help streamline the rental process.
  • Place drying lockers from WINTERSTEIGER in logical places so your customers benefit from an attractive add-on service.

Advantages of Bike Services for tourist agencies and hoteliers


Configure the Velobrush and Veloclean Pro bike washing systems plus the Easyrent and Easywork software solutions in line with your requirements.


Veloclean Pro and Velobrush consume very little water, while the drying units run on minimal energy.

Efficient systems

Clean bikes quickly and easily, record customer data with ease, and dry equipment and sportswear reliably and hygienically, all with products from WINTERSTEIGER.

Exclusive design

With Veloclean Pro, design your bike washing system to meet your individual needs.
5 tourists with backpacks ride side by side. | © WINTERSTEIGER

Tourism companies and hotels where our Bike Services are in use

Follow in the footsteps of numerous tourism businesses and hotels by relying on the quality of Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER!   

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Bike Services for tourism companies and hotels

FAQs on using Bike Services from WINTERSTEIGER

You'll find helpful tips and tricks for thoroughly washing bikes in our FAQs on bike cleaning.

News about our Bike Services

Our Bike Services are regularly showcased at trade fairs. What's more, we are continuously developing and improving our bike washing systems, software solutions, and other innovations. Read the latest news about our products and services to stay up to date!