vorbereitung des fahrrads für die vorwäsche mit veloclean pro.

Veloclean Pro

For manual bike cleaning or pre-washing

The Veloclean Pro bike washing system is made of high-quality components that come together to create a robust, versatile design. This efficient cleaning station is suitable for the self-service sector as well as for professional use. Whether it's used for complete washing or just-pre-cleaning, the Veloclean Pro stands out for its very low water consumption, making it highly eco-friendly.

Technical information
Anschlussspannung: 3/N AC 400 V, 50 Hz
Nennleistung: 11 kW
Nennstrom: 16 A
Eigengewicht: 290 kg [640 lbs] Leergewicht (ohne Flüssigkeiten)
Abmessungen (L x B x H): 2500 x 850 x 1600 mm [98.4 x 33.4 x 62.9 in]


At approximately half a gallon of water per minute, this resource-friendly system boasts low water consumption.
Low pressure cleaning (approx. 8 bar) combined with hot water (140 °F) results in an especially gentle washing process.
The Veloclean Pro can be used to clean basically any bike, whether a nimble road or racing bike or powerful e-bike.
Bike cleaning can be done at a comfortable, ergonomic height.
A 400 V/16A power supply is required to operate the Veloclean Pro.
Product characteristics

The Veloclean Pro system has an impressive innovative cleaning concept. The following components are part of the Veloclean's careful and thorough bike cleaning process:

  • The gentle and water-saving cleaning lance (0.5 gal/min) [2 L/min] is ideal for a basic clean.
  • Simply switch the control knob on the device to apply an efficient dose of cleaning agent to the bike.  
  • Add a slot meter or the cashless payment terminal from NAYAX to turn the Veloclean Pro into a versatile, self-service system.


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The Velobrush makes the daily washing of our fleet of rental bikes much easier for our staff. The short washing cycle, results, and ergonomic operation speak for themselves. Our customers appreciate the additional bike washing service.
Christian Cantonati
Bründl Sports Store Manager, Saalbach

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