Innovation: the thinnest kerf

DSG Sonic

Before and during the economic crisis of 2008/09, WINTERSTEIGER undertook the development of three new sawing machines for thin-cutting wood: The thin-cutting frame saw DSG Sonic in 2006, the thin-cutting band saw DSB Twinhead in 2007, and the thin-cutting band saw DSB Singlehead 310/660 in 2009.


State-of-the-art frame saw blade and ultra-thin saw blades

The DSG Sonic thin-cutting frame saw was the most advanced thin cutting system at that time, with backlash-free guides, a backlash-free feed system, and servo drive. Its high stroke rate of 550 per minute allowed the saw to achieve higher feed speeds.


But the outstanding feature was the very thin kerf. WINTERSTEIGER had developed ultra-thin stellite saw blades making WINTERSTEIGER the first in the world to deliver a kerf of just 0.7 mm! The improved timber yield and a more economical manufacturing process overall played a significant part in the major success of the DSG Sonic.

Revolution in technology as the band saw wins through

DSB Twinhead

Revolution in technology as the band saw wins through

2007 saw WINTERSTEIGER make its entry into band saw technology with the DSB Twinhead thin-cutting band saw. The most important applications were the cutting of wooden blocks into lamellas for multilayer boards and parquet flooring, doors, pencil slats and much more besides.  With this technology, WINTERSTEIGER once again delivered the thinnest kerf of any supplier - at just 1.1 mm.


The strong trend towards single-plank flooring brought the advantages of the band saw to bear. The ability to cut wet wood, more flexible production, and the high performance finally triggered a technology revolution on the market - with band saw machines assuming a dominant role.

Another band saw on the scene.

Singlehead 660

Another band saw on the scene.

In 2009, the two-module DSB Twinhead was followed by a single-module model: The DSB Singlehead 310/660 thin-cutting bandsaw. The 660 mm cutting width made it possible to tap into new customer groups. Innovations, such as carbon guides and the solid table feeder, remain the standard to this day. The DSB Singlehead thin-cutting band saw remains the most popular premium thin-cutting band saw in the world.

Function: band saw

Band saw technology

Function: frame saw

Frame saw technology

Application example

Application example: Production of parquet flooring