The fourth division: KOHLER takes it to the next level!

KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH based in Lahr, Germany, has been part of WINTERSTEIGER since 2011. KOHLER produces leveling technology systems and is incorporated in the WINTERSTEIGER Group as its fourth division, METALS.


The company was founded in 1963 by Franz Kohler and his wife, Waltraud. KOHLER started out developing and producing gearboxes before Franz Kohler presented the first leveling machine for stamped workpieces in 1969. Over the following years, KOHLER developed into a leading manufacturer of leveling machines for the sheet-metal working industry. Since its foundation, the company has produced more than 6,000 machines for clients from a range of sectors including automotive, electronics, metal, and household appliances.


Expansion and internationalization.

KOHLER relocated to its newly constructed company premises in Lahr in 2014. With floor space measuring approx. 10,000 m2, the new building represents the largest single investment to date in WINTERSTEIGER's history as a company. Thanks to new patents such an electromechanical leveling gap control unit without any hydraulic systems and the development of a servomotor-driven coiler mandrel expansion, KOHLER remains on a successful track and is internationally regarded as a leading expert in the fields of leveling technology and peripherals.


As part of the WINTERSTEIGER Group, KOHLER has expanded its business to the US and Asia and grown its team to 115 employees.

1970: First leveling machine for stamped workpieces

Precision levelers - the heart of every strip leveler

2016: Peak Performer part leveling machine, a new family – hydraulics-free and with electromechanical leveling gap control