Ensuring the perfect shoe fit with BOOTDOC

In 2011, WINTERSTEIGER underwent another expansion and acquired a majority stake in BOOTDOC Handels GmbH in Liezen. The renowned Styrian company was a recognized specialist in insoles, sports socks, foot analysis systems, and foam liners in ski boots.


Founding of BOOTDOC.

BOOTDOC was founded back in 2003 when two employees of an Austrian ski boot manufacturer set out to make their own vision of the perfect shoe fit a reality. The first product was a combination of a foot analysis system and a 3-axis mill for insoles. The development of pre-formed insoles followed, and back then, BOOTDOC was the first company on the sports market to offer insoles in different basic anatomical shapes.

Advantages for both sides.

With BOOTDOC, WINTERSTEIGER took over a tried-and-tested brand with well-established, high-quality products for its own customer target groups. As a result, the range of products offered to the sports retail trade has once again been greatly expanded. After all, "boot fitting", as the individual adjustment of a sports shoe is known in technical jargon, is a valuable sales tool. In addition to the sports shoe, for example a ski boot, the retailer can generate important additional sales with insoles and socks.


For BOOTDOC, the takeover meant that further development of the successful brand and global distribution via the WINTERSTEIGER customer network were assured.


Within the WINTERSTEIGER Group, BOOTDOC insoles and sports socks have a unique position. Although they are sold through sports retailers, they are one of the few products WINTERSTEIGER offers to end consumers.

A wide range of solutions for feet.

Product Manager Andreas Lachinger

A wide range of solutions for feet.

BOOTDOC is still at home in Liezen. Andreas Lachinger, one of the two founders of BOOTDOC, takes care of the further development of the products as product manager: thermally moldable insoles in 3D, FUSION, or STEP-IN technology; socks in special materials depending on the sport, 2D and 3D foot analysis systems, fitting devices, boot fitting accessories, and much more.


BOOTDOC has developed very positively. The most important markets include the DACH region and North America, but France is also recording increasing sales. Overall, WINTERSTEIGER Sports GmbH generates around 10 % of its sales from products and services in the BOOTDOC product portfolio.