Quantum: the ultimate plot combine

Back in 2011, WINTERSTEIGER embarked on its biggest ever development project, clocking up an unprecedented number of hours on creating a new plot combine – the Quantum – entirely from scratch.


The ambitious goal of this project was to build a whole series of combines designed to meet virtually any customer requirement in terms of size and equipment. This led to the development of the very first modular combine concept, giving customers the freedom to put together their dream machine from a range of sizes, engine performance, harvesting attachments (cutting units), grain tank volumes, and other features. The versatile Quantum is capable of harvesting any crop variety and is used for gathering rice, grain, corn, soy, and even poppy crops.


2014: The new Quantum plot combine is unveiled for the first time at the DLG conference in Soest.


Members of the development team: Josef Rabenberger, Gerhard Hattinger, Frederik Ude, Christopher Schönauer, and Alexander Rothböck


2015: The Quantum makes an appearance at AFMEX in France. From left to right: Pascal Alphonse, Thomas Mohr, Gerhard Hattinger, Stefan Rux, Ronald den Uil (Data Technologies), and Pasqual Franck

Extensive field tests involving a full range of crop varieties

The combine went through a prototype and pilot phase, as well as extensive tests involving all kinds of crop, before being deemed ready for series production in 2015. It was then officially launched on the market in 2016. The Quantum Pro model was introduced in 2020, followed by the Quantum Core in 2021, and finally the Quantum Plus in 2022.

Buckwheat harvest

Flax harvest

Rapeseed harvest

Soy harvest

The core development team: Georg Seifriedsberger, Franz Spiesberger, Christian Stiegler, Frederik Ude, Alexander Rothböck, Hans-Georg Schauer, Christopher Schönauer, Michael Scherfler, Christoph Scherfler, Franz Reiter, Andreas Lutsch, Franz Wohlmair, Gerhard Hattinger, Josef Rabenberger, Thomas Angleitner, Manuel Kaser, Klaus Dobrindt, and Hans Peter Mur

A resounding success:

The Quantum series has proved a resounding success, with more than 300 Quantum plot combines sold worldwide – from Africa to South America – since its release. To put this into perspective, there are around 1,500 WINTERSTEIGER combines in use overall. Quantum is still the most advanced plot combine on the market.