Cubusan – Breathe easy with germ-free air

Turning a crisis into an opportunity is a universal formula for success, which has been proven once again with the Cubusan air purifier. When the coronavirus took us by surprise in the spring of 2020, nobody knew what effect this virus would have on daily life. The overwhelming of the healthcare system, disrupted supply chains and economic processes, closed schools, and many restrictions on our everyday lives have certainly left their mark on us. We realized that despite all the medical advancements and technology, we are all exposed to the effects of viruses to some degree.


Innovation: Sterex plasma technology

The Cubusan air purifier was developed by WINTERSTEIGER specifically for indoor disinfection and is based on Sterex plasma technology. Germ-free air is important, especially in areas where lots of people come together on a daily basis. People can breathe easy again in schools, workplaces, and public spaces thanks to the Cubusan.

Reduce risk by up to 99.9 %

Innovation CubusanInnovation award 2021: From left: Regional Minister for Economics and Research Markus Achleitner, General Manager SPORTS Daniel Steininger and CEO Florestan von Boxberg (WINTERSTEIGER), RFT-OÖ Chairman Stephan Kubinger.
© Cityfoto/Pelzl

Reduce risk by up to 99.9 %

The non-thermal plasma (NTP) neutralizes 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria in the air, reducing the risk of infection to a minimum. While conventional air purifiers recirculate all the indoor air first in order to then gradually remove germs via filtration, the Cubusan air purifier eliminates the harmful particles directly at source – where they enter the air as aerosols. The system therefore guarantees a sustained reduction in infections. We have learned to live with the coronavirus. With the Cubusan, we also have a tool that we can use to minimize the risk of infection in the event of future health hazards, such as flu outbreaks. The Cubusan is a great example of how a crisis can also lead to lasting improvement.