Bike Services – From cardboard model to flagship product

Bike Services

Just over four years ago, WINTERSTEIGER began a journey into the future with the Bike Services department. With its roots in winter sports, WINTERSTEIGER extended its reach into the summer months by turning its attention to bikes – with an outcome that was initially uncertain. At the first trade show, ISPO 2020, no machines were showcased; only cardboard models of the Veloclean bike cleaning solution. After a market check in the previous two years and feedback from the trade show, it was clear that WINTERSTEIGER was getting on the saddle!


Gentle and sustainable

Today, the manual Veloclean Pro and the automated Velobrush bike washing system are flagship complete cleaning solutions in the bike and sports industry. The Velobrush is also the first fully automated bike washing system on the market. A clean workspace and gentle yet thorough cleaning of bikes of any type are advantages of the Veloclean Pro und Velobrush. With cleaning filters and oil separators, these two products also address the issues of sustainability and the environment. Another green benefit of these solutions is that they are both highly efficient with their use of water.

Rental software and drying solutions

Rental software and drying solutions

Alongside the cleaning systems, the Easyrent rental software and drying solutions for cycling equipment complete the range. The summer season is also becoming increasingly important for traditional winter sports areas, with the e-bike boom in recent years attracting tourists to alpine regions in the summer too. The bike is also experiencing an unprecedented boom in the city due to the strong trend towards active mobility. WINTERSTEIGER can make a significant contribution here with its product solutions.