New training workshop: more space and even more practice


In 2022, a new training workshop was set up for our apprentices with enough space for all the machines used in production, including lathes, milling machines, punching machines, and welding machines. The training workshop supports production and is where individual parts required at short notice are manufactured, e.g., for prototype building. This makes it possible to closely integrate our apprentices into what we do and intensify the relationship between training and practice.


Pneumatics and robotics in the "Smart Factory Lab"

The Smart Factory Lab – a training room for pneumatics, electrotechnical fields, and robotics – is located on the upper floor. Robots are used as part of the training so that in future "cobots" can take on simple tasks in machine production.


The location of the learning workshop is also ideal, as the new building is home to prototype construction for harvesters and seeders; meanwhile engineering work for ski service and wood thin-cutting takes place just opposite in the two neighboring buildings.

WINTERSTEIGER, an important training company

With more than 50 apprentices, WINTERSTEIGER is one of the region's largest employers with an apprenticeship scheme. Our next generation of employees can choose from nine apprenticeships:


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Metalworking
  • Metal Technology
  • Engineering and Design
  • Information Technology with Specialization in Systems Engineering
  • Information Technology SAP Software Development
  • Office Administration
  • Internal Logistics


The workshop features a large seminar room for theoretical training that the apprentices can also use for studying together, either in preparation for technical college and the final apprenticeship exam, or for their higher school-leaving certificate. WINTERSTEIGER apprentices have the opportunity to take advantage of this offer from their second year of training – and they are often very grateful for it.


We are particularly proud of the fact that 99 % of our apprentices stay with the company after completing their apprenticeship.