A new planet in the ski universe

In 2021, WINTERSTEIGER launched a new planet in the universe of fully-automated service machines for skis and snowboards in the form of the Jupiter. The predecessor model, the Discovery, was already one of the most successful machines on the market, so it was time to enter a successor into the running.

In automated ski service machines, different processing modules are arranged one behind the other depending on the customer requirements. All processing steps such as base grinding, edge grinding, waxing, and polishing of a ski are combined in a single machine. The optional paternoster feeding system makes it easier to load skis or snowboards into the machine, simplifying the work of service staff and optimizing processes for the service company as a whole.


"My edge is better than yours"

The introduction of the Jupiter also signified the birth of a new era in edge tuning: "V-Edge", i.e., variable edge, is state of the art and gives skiers a new sense of safety. The variable ground edge angles ensure optimum contact between the ski and slope, regardless of which phase of the turn the skier is in, which not only improves grip, but also makes it easier to initiate the turn and turn the ski.



In addition to V-Edge, digitalization and the digital link to other interfaces, such as the Easyrent rental software, played a major role in the development of the Jupiter. The Jupiter recognizes pre-saved grinding programs thanks to an integrated scanner and thus automatically selects the correct parameters for a ski or snowboard. Networking with the Easyrent software creates a rental and service ecosystem, which provides incredible added value for ski rental centers, distributors, and customers.