In industry and trade, WINTERSTEIGER is known for its machinery and systems. However, many products that are produced on our machines are also used by you! In our series "WINTERSTEIGER AROUND YOU", we show where these products are found in everyday life and what role WINTERSTEIGER plays in them.


Episode 4: Insoles for personalized sports shoes 


Why do shoes need an extra insole? It is similar to eyeglasses: The frame is prefabricated and can be selected from different models, the lenses are individually grinded for each customer and precisely fitted. Shoes are usually made by the millions, and the original insoles are generally just placeholders that are not molded, or only slightly molded. Shoes and customers meet for the first time in the store and after selecting the shoe in the right size and color, the goal is to create a customized pair of shoes from a standard product. 

BOOTDOC insoles are precisely adapted to the foot during "boot fitting" and what lenses are for glasses, insoles are for shoes! With sports shoes – whether ski boots, hiking boots, running shoes, etc. – the perfect fit is especially important to avoid pressure points, reduce the risk of injury and improve comfort. 


At the sports retailer, there are 3 steps to the perfect fit: 


  • exact foot analysis with 3D scan (a picture is worth a thousand words and many people get – often for the first time – valuable information and measurements about their feet).
  • selection of the insole according to the field of application, construction and material composition, price range
  • adaptation of the insole to the foot, e.g. by thermal shaping


Insoles with special functions.


BOOTDOC insoles have different properties for each area of use and are constructed differently. Depending on the sport, they offer more guidance, comfort, stabilization or cushioning: best power transmission is important when skiing or cycling, improved cushioning and support plays an important role when running, the foot climate in hiking boots is improved by a cork or leather surface, stabilizers provide more sure-footedness. 


The company BOOTDOC was founded in Liezen in 2003 with the vision of improving finished shoes and providing athletes with perfectly fitting shoes. Since 2013, BOOTDOC has been part of the WINTERSTEIGER Group.


Learn more about BOOTDOC now: www.boot-doc.com