In industry and trade, WINTERSTEIGER is known for its machinery and systems. However, many products that are produced on our machines are also used by you! In our series "WINTERSTEIGER AROUND YOU", we show where these products are found in everyday life and what role WINTERSTEIGER plays in them.


Episode 7: Safety factor: ski bindings


In Austria, skiing is the national sport par excellence, and even infants are put on skis as early as possible. When the ski lifts finally go into operation, one thing is often forgotten: the ski binding check.


Why should the ski binding be checked regularly? So that the boot holds securely in the binding and the binding only releases automatically at the right moment in the event of a fall. Not only your body data such as height, weight, and age change – your skiing ability also improves. All these parameters are crucial for determining the so called “Z value”. Especially with children, the value can change significantly from one season to the next. In addition, the certified sports retailer checks your sports equipment for contact pressure, wear, model suitability, etc. All these parameters are to be considered during the binding check before each new season.


WINTERSTEIGER produces standardized binding adjustment devices for electronic checking of release values. In the sports shop, the ski binding is thus professionally checked and correctly adjusted. The measurement data is stored and provides the sports retailer with legal certainty. The ski binding is an important safety factor and many ski accidents and injuries could be avoided by a regular check.


On our product page and in a video, you can see how a binding adjustment device looks and works.

Learn more about binding now: wintersteiger.com/safetronic