In industry and trade, WINTERSTEIGER is known for its machinery and systems. However, many products that are produced on our machines are also used by you! In our series "WINTERSTEIGER AROUND YOU", we show where these products are found in everyday life and what role WINTERSTEIGER plays in them.


Episode 6: The Roof Structure


You want to build a new roof? WINTERSTEIGER is on board! Whether gable roof, hip roof, or pent roof – the wood for the roof truss and framing can be cut with the sawmills of our subsidiary SERRA. These sawmills – mobile or stationary – cut tree trunks up to 160 cm in diameter! 


With the price of wood, the valuable raw material needed for trusses and other framing lumber, rising SERRA sawmills work efficiently to reduce the amount of manpower and resources needed to do the job. Ideally, the forester or sawmill operator drives his mobile sawing machine to the building site and saws the structural timber from the tree trunks that have been harvested from the property. First, the thin battens are sawn from the outside of the log and then the strong beams are sawn from the core.


Small roof truss ABC: purlins, rafters, battens


The purlins are horizontal beams in the roof construction, there is the ridge purlin at the top and the foot purlins. They support the beams that run vertically, which are called rafters. Then there are the battens, support battens and counter battens: The counter battens sit between the rafters and the load-bearing support battens. 


SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH in Rimsting am Chiemsee has been part of the WINTERSTEIGER Group since 2019. SERRA develops, produces and sells its machines and saw blades to more than 80 countries around the world: More than 1,500 sawmills are already in operation worldwide and in Germany SERRA is the leading manufacturer with more than 500 wide band sawmills sold.


Learn more about SERRA now: www.serra-sawmills.com