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Managing director Norbert Brunner working with Sizefit
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Is the future of rental just something for large ski resorts? Certainly not! Norbert Brunner, CEO of Sportshop Skirent Lachtal, demonstrates most impressively that this versatile WINTERSTEIGER concept also benefits shops in smaller ski resorts. 


The Lachtal ski resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in Styria, but in terms of size, it qualifies as a smaller, family ski resort. But that did not stop Norbert Brunner investing in the future of rental. Successfully, as it turns out. "Although it has only been our first season, we have already received very positive feedback with the future of rental," says a delighted Norbert Brunner. "Customers are excited about this new technology!"


Life made easier for customers and employees.


The unique WINTERSTEIGER concept also means a noticeable improvement in the working experience for employees, emphasizes Norbert Brunner: "Binding adjustment using the Sizefit sole is much less effort, and takes a great deal of pressure off our employees. There is also less dirt on the adjustment desk and help is not needed twice when fitting the boots." And what does the boss personally consider to be the biggest advantage of the future of rental? "Making life easier for customers, so that they don't have to take the ski boot off again after the adjustment fitting," says Norbert Brunner. "Customers with their own ski boots also enjoy this advantage, which is great." 


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Digital beats paper.


The future of rental is linked to Easyrent. Last season, the Lachtal Skirent Team in the rental store was still working exclusively on paper. Everything was converted to digital format as part of the reconstruction. "To start with, we could not imagine how the digital system would work during peak periods," says Norbert Brunner. "The training phase of two weeks seemed relatively short to us. But in fact, both our customers and our employees found their way round the PC very quickly. Although it has only been one season, life is suddenly­­ inconceivable without it."


Easystore Flex: more space, optimized processes.


The Easystore Flex rental system has also been added to the range in the shop. Both customers and employees were very impressed with the modern look and new amenities, says Brunner: "We now have a lot more space, and workflows are optimized, which makes an appreciable difference to everyday activities. The beautiful design of Easystore Flex – the wide front panels with their graphic design – has also been very well received." 


Norbert Brunner also appreciates the quick and uncomplicated support provided in his partnership with WINTERSTEIGER – whether by phone or in person. "Good solutions have always been found, and the experience has always been good," emphasizes Norbert Brunner. 

© go-art georg ott

© go-art georg ott