Scout: maximum precision in the smallest of spaces

Owner Hannes Zehetner and service employee Franz Mühlbauer
© Klemens Klinger

Hannes Zehetner has long been toying with the idea of automating the ski service workshop. Because space was tight – entry to the workshop in the basement is via a steep staircase – he has hesitated to do so up to now. But with the new Scout, an automated ski service machine with a compact design, and a promise from WINTERSTEIGER to handle the machine installation, Hannes Zehetner took the decision and made his wish come true. We visited Bayrischzell to find out how he was getting on with the new machine.


WINTERSTEIGER: You considered investing in an automated ski service machine for a long time. What finally tipped the scales? 


Hannes Zehetner: Machine installation was the game changer. If WINTERSTEIGER hadn't taken this on, I wouldn't have done it! In terms of the workload in the workshop, it was the correct decision. When the Bayrischzell ski resort was modernized 5 years ago, customer requirements in ski service also increased. The change from natural snow to artificial snow led to higher demands on the ski edges and we had to keep calling in the external ski service, which was not ideal. Our workshop may be tiny, but the Scout takes both rental skis and customer skis in its stride.


WINTERSTEIGER: What other benefits does the Scout Plus offer?


Hannes Zehetner: Previously, all customers had "all-mountain skis", and now there are a lot more "on-piste skis". With Scout Plus we can meet all requirements and also offer a racing service. The switch to an automated ski service also boosted quality, with clean base grinding and neat edge geometry – just as we would like it to be. 


WINTERSTEIGER: How is the cross country ski service going?

Hannes Zehetner:It's doing fantastically well! We have always ground cross country skis, but it was a bit hit-and-miss and we had to hope it was right for the ski. Now we have 2 finishes saved in the Scout Plus that work very well - we'll no longer lose sight of those. The scaled section on cross country skis is omitted from processing in the Scout and even the worst "trekking skis" can be properly prepared. In a winter with little snow, it is worth its weight in gold.


WINTERSTEIGER:  Thank you very much for this fascinating insight!