WINTERSTEIGER: A Double Pack of Innovations

As a comprehensive supplier of machines and saw blades the thin-cutting specialist WINTERSTEIGER AG is introducing an innovation to the market in both areas. At the LIGNA in Hannover, Germany, the special-purpose machine builder from Austria is presenting the new DSB Compact 310 thin-cutting band saw and the Banso X-Cut band-saw blade.

As the world's leading trade fair for the forestry and wood industries, the LIGNA is the perfect stage for both products that are being presented there for the first time worldwide.


The entry-level model for precision thin cutting of wood.

WINTERSTEIGER is opening up new possibilities with the DSB Compact 310 single-module thin-cutting band saw! The machine was developed as an entry-level model for the precise thin-cutting of wood. Adapted exactly to customer requirements, it cuts wooden blocks with a width up to 310 mm and with a kerf starting at 1.1 mm – with an excellent price/performance ratio.


The new thin-cutting band saw brings many innovations. A newly-developed conveyor belt feed system which is built on a solid-cast substructure transports wooden blocks at speeds between 1 and 16 m/min., depending on the type of wood and block preparation. At those speeds, the machine achieves a cutting precision of +/- 0.2 mm. In addition, the automatic, continuous cleaning of the conveyor belt ensures a clean transportation surface and thus precision for both dry and wet cutting. The smooth saw blade entry is also a new development: upon entry into the wood, the speed is reduced and subsequently raised back up again. This is smooth on the saw blade. As on all WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting band saws, a high-tech carbon pressure guide system ensures exact blade guidance. The machine is ergonomic and easy to maintain – the extra housing around the saw unit inside the machine reduces cleaning effort.


Additionally, customers can choose from a variety of optional features. The innovative spraying system for wet cutting cools and lubricates the saw blade, resulting in a longer service life. Also new is the ability to spray with water, which can be used besides wood-compatible spraying agents for certain types of wet wood. Roller-table extensions for the in-feed and out-feed ensure a sturdy block support. The construction of the DSB Compact 310 thin-cutting band saw makes it possible to easily position multiple machines in-line. The customer remains flexible: when demand rises, the capacity can also be raised with additional machines added in-line.

Like all WINTERSTEIGER band saws, the DSB Compact 310 can also be equipped with remote service. That means that the service technician can connect with the machine online. Remotely and in real time, the technician explains to the operator which settings are necessary to implement the desired application.


New: Banso X-Cut – band saw blades for mobile sawmills.

Band saw blades developed and produced by WINTERSTEIGER are well-known for their high quality and for being designed specifically for the machines. Customer needs led to the development of the X-Cut for mobile sawmills in blade widths from 27 to 55 mm. WINTERSTEIGER closed a gap in its product range with this Banso band saw blade: the quality of X-Cut lies between Flex Back and Stellite® band saw blades. The saw blade scores high with an excellent price/performance ratio, high cutting performance with a precise cut surface, efficient saw-doctoring with no need to reset the teeth, and is optimal for both softwoods and hardwoods.


Automation competence.

The VAP Gruber Automations GmbH has been a part of the WINTERSTEIGER group since 2012. With VAP, automation competence has also become part of WINTERSTEIGER. In the area of wood, this competence is already part of the Timber Repair & Cosmetics product line with fully-automated filling machines for the repair of wood surfaces. Also automation of thin-cutting band saw machines and customized engineered wood flooring (EWF) lines are part of the portfolio .

Beyond that, VAP provides automation solutions for industrial production plants in the areas of Mobility (automotive, aviation, train and shipping) and Special with highly customized projects. Some examples for recent projects are a robot-assisted packaging system, a fully automatic crate production plant, or a glass storage system for a window manufacturer. As a comprehensive supplier and general contractor, VAP provides complete business solutions as well as machines and equipment for individual sections.


The entire product range.

WINTERSTEIGER will be presenting its entire product range at the LIGNA. In the area of timber repair, the team will be presenting the TRC product line with the fully automatic TRC 3000+ for high capacity requirements and the TRC-M Easy entry level model. The band saws will be represented by the DSB Twinhead NG XM thin-cutting band saw with a modular extension feature for up to six modules, and the DSB Singlehead 660.


In the area of thin-cutting frame saws, WINTERSTEIGER will be showcasing the DSG Notum – the saw for the most economical thin cut. Carbide-tipped and Stellite® saw blades, developed and manufactured by WINTERSTEIGER, will be rounding up its exhibit program.