The entire service range at the WINTERSTEIGER in-house show

For the 5th time, WINTERSTEIGER has held its in-house trade show – the "Thin-cutting & Repair Days" – at the company headquarters in Ried im Innkreis. From October 6th to 10th, visitors came to Ried from around the world and took the opportunity to get to know the company's entire range of service, from machines and tools to service.

One of the main attractions was the new TRC Easy Plus, the perfect machine for entry into the fully automatic timber repair process. With the TRC Easy Plus, WINTERSTEIGER has added a new model to its TRC product range. "We had developed a special entry-level solution for a customer," explained sales manager Christian Klingsberger, "and then we realized that there was a gap in our TRC product program. The TRC Easy Plus scans the timber for damaged areas and injects the filling automatically. The machine is available in several variations that cover all medium-capacity requirements." Giuseppe Mardegan, manufacturer of high-quality parquet flooring, was the second customer to invest in a TRC Easy Plus and expressed his satisfaction: "Although the product is brand new, everything has worked perfectly. Quality is very important for us, and that includes our machinery. Our DSG 200 thin-cutting frame saw and TRC Easy Plus will be joined by a DSB Twinhead NG double-module thin-cutting band saw at the end of the year."


Customer-specific machine solutions.

WINTERSTEIGER develops tailor-made solutions, and their answer to the need for increased efficiency lies in automation. Accordingly, the manufacturer of specialized machines presented both a DSB Singlehead 310 thin-cutting band saw and a TRC Easy Plus featuring automation solutions. The thin-cutting band saw runs as a one-man operation: In- and outfeed of the wooden blocks is fully automatic, while the operator removes the finished lamella and starts the process anew with a foot switch. The TRC Easy Plus also has the automation system built around it, so that feeding and stacking are done automatically. It all started with thin-cutting technology.


WINTERSTEIGER can look back on 40 years of experience with thin-cutting technology ‒ there are already more than 2000 WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting frame saws in use around the world. The powerful DSG Notum thin-cutting frame saw showcased its advantages at the in-house show: ultra-thin kerfs starting at 0.7 mm, excellent component access thanks to the open machine construction, and easy operation with the touch-screen controls.

The thin-cutting band saws were another highlight at the exhibition: The DSB Singlehead 310 and 660 single-module thin-cutting band saws with respective cutting widths of up to 310 and 660 mm, as well as the multi-module DSB Twinhead NG XM gave live demonstrations of their strengths. They showed that any kind of feedstock can be used: Both planed and rough-cut blocks were processed with dry as well as wet cutting, producing precise kerfs as thin as 1.1 mm and requiring no process changeover work.

Saw blades developed and produced by WINTERSTEIGER.

Customers had the chance to visit the saw blade production facilities in Arnstadt, Germany. The thin-cutting band saw blades and the thin-cutting-frame saw blades developed and produced at WINTERSTEIGER are perfectly coordinated with the machines and the customers' requirements, making WINTERSTEIGER a full-service provider.


An international clientele.

The show was visited by a diverse mix of representatives from various industries, such as manufacturers of boards, furniture, parquet flooring, and doors. The WINTERSTEIGER sales and distribution team welcomed their guests from Europe, the United States and Asia, demonstrating utmost competence as they presented their complete range of service. Christian Klingsberger: "We are very happy with the resonance. We only had so many visitors at our very first exhibition, and we also received a lot of positive feedback. The tours through our production areas were very popular. Our state-of-the-art production equipment helps us create trust in our products. Our customers realize that quality has its price and is also profitable for them. For this reason our machines operate reliably for decades."

The evening events were a well-liked part of the program: The visitors and the WINTERSTEIGER team enjoyed the intensive exchange of experience in the relaxed atmosphere.