High-tech and high-performance: Thin-cutting band saw impresses Fassold Holz

Michael Fassold and Gerald Dallinger (WINTERSTEIGER Area Sales Manager) in front of the new thin-cutting band saw DSB Singlehead NG XM

Fassold Holz in Eggersdorf near Graz has been producing top layers for smaller manufacturers for 16 years now, and since last year using the DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw. Following a 6-month testing phase, Michael Fassold decided to invest in the new WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting band saw in December 2017.


Trial period passed.

Michael Fassold had already been toying with the idea of switching to thin-cutting technology for quite some time, and Franz Vöcklinger, WINTERSTEIGER area manager, was on the lookout for a test client for the new DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw. For Fassold Holz, this was the ideal opportunity to familiarize themselves with the thin-cutting band saw without any obligation and to test it on their own premises. Michael Fassold: “At first I was quite skeptical as to whether such a thin saw blade coupled with this thin kerf would be able to deliver the high performance we were after. According to our experiences in wood cutting, this was virtually unimaginable.” However, the strengths of the thin-cutting band were able to win him over. Such benefits include the conservation of resources, the ability to remain flexible as a company, and state-of-the-art wood cutting, i.e., user-friendly and intuitive operation, high occupational safety, and a quiet, clean working environment.

Thin-cutting band saw with feed magazine

Conserving resources.

One of the success factors in precise thin-cutting is the extremely thin kerf. Fassold was able to reduce the kerf from 1.8 mm to 1.2 mm with the new machine, thus achieving substantial savings in timber. What's more, the machine is extremely efficient and can be operated by one person at a feed speed of 12 to 14 m per minute. During the testing phase, the thin-cutting band saw was upgraded with a feed magazine (accumulation conveyor) in the timber feed and a compartment conveyor (pick-up system) mounted on the side for removal of the lamellae. Michael Fassold is delighted with the machine's performance: “We can now cut virtually end-to-end and have been able to double our yield. My staff now work one shift instead of two.” Not only do the figures add up, but he also has considerable praise for the innovative machine technology.

Extremely sophisticated engineering.

Michael Fassold views the robust carbon guides and their extremely long service lives as a particular success. Previously, Fassold had to readjust the guides after changing them, but the WINTERSTEIGER machine eliminates the need for this additional effort. And then there's the high-tech pressure monitoring of the guides with sensors: before the saw blade causes a tearout, the machine stops automatically, preventing damage to the saw blade or machine. This technology offers a clear advantage, above all for employees with no knowledge of the machine.

Another considerable benefit is the remote maintenance service for the DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw. The WINTERSTEIGER service technician at the head office in Ried was able to determine that only one part needed to be replaced, and the replacement part was then delivered within 24 hours.


Flexible in every respect.

For Fassold, who primarily supplies products to smaller manufacturers, flexibility is a fundamental corporate principle. The DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw fulfils his needs in every respect. The machine can be quickly and easily converted for various lamella thicknesses and widths ranging to 350 mm. Furthermore, the company is able to respond to future changes on the timber market and even place its focus on the finishing of the lamellae, depending on the market situation.

The upgrade capability (the thin-cutting band saw can be expanded to include up to 6 modules connected in series) provides the company with a high degree of flexibility.

State-of-the-art saw blades.

Michael Fassold was pleasantly surprised by the consistently high quality of the WINTERSTEIGER saw blades. “So far every WINTERSTEIGER saw blade that we have sent for grinding has proved reliable. This is a whole new experience for us! We often have to rework saw blades ourselves, as a tooth tip may have become damaged during transport, for example. Thanks to WINTERSTEIGER, this is not necessary.”


Facts and figures.

Fassold Holz is a family enterprise in its 4th generation of ownership and employs 14 staff, producing roughly 350,000 m2 of oak top layers each year. The customer focus is on smaller manufacturers, whereby each customer is supplied with consistently high-quality products that meet their specific needs.

The company offers the following dimensions:


  • Thickness: 4.5 – 6 mm
  • Width: 133 – 315 mm
  • Length: 1 – 5 m