The "Cut Coach" chainsaw training device – a success story

Cut Coach"Technisches Hilfswerk" (Germany) uses the Cut Coach for training.
© Dirk Winterscheid (THW)

SERRA recently won a national tender in Germany from the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief. SERRA is supplying 14 Cut Coach simulators with the option of 19 further devices. Two of the training devices are in use at training centers, while the rest are on the road - traveling to courses throughout Germany.


Training group leader Hagen Vollrath explains: “The major advantage of these training devices is that we can clamp logs with diameters of up to 40 cm, whereas in the past the maximum was 20 cm. The Cut Coach from SERRA is much easier to use - we no longer have to manually move the logs and health and safety at work is improved.” It's not for nothing that the chainsaw training device - the world's first tension simulator - has been awarded the "KWF-PROFI" certificate:  "KWF PROFI" devices for forestry satisfy all the requirements of current technical standards relating to economical, safe, ergonomic, and eco-friendly operation.



Vienna Fire Department: “Ideal for training exercises!”

The Vienna fire brigade recently purchased the chainsaw training device and the city's firefighters are delighted with their acquisition. Combining the device with a crane makes it unique and means the trainer is fully autonomous: He or she can travel to the training location without the need for an extra vehicle to transport the logs.


The trainers are currently being trained on how to use the device in the training center, and in future it will be taken from station to station so that the firefighters can use it for training.