DSB Prime

Significant increase in performance.

Thin-cutting band saw blade from WINTERSTEIGER with the thinnest kerf, made in best German quality with UDDEHOLMSTRIP SAWSTEEL®.


Enables precise and performance-optimized interaction between band saw blade and machine for your resource-optimized cutting process of hard and soft wood.


  • Thinnest cutting kerf
  • Optimized saw blade performance
  • Resource optimized cutting process in combination with WINTERSTEIGER band saws
  • Perfect price/performance ratio
  • Highest saw blade quality – „Made in Germany“
  • From the worldwide market leader for thin-cutting saw blades
  • State of the art saw blade factory with more than 50 years of experience
    • 7.000 m2 for saw blade production area/
    • 5.000.000 linear meters of saw blades per year
  • Innovative and experienced saw blade development
  • Qualified support by our application technicians
  • Worldwide customer references
  • Individual saw service