Bicycle Cleaning

Our new product range

WINTERSTEIGER is working extremely hard in the area of bicycle cleaning and, based on market demands, has decided to develop its own machines and tools. This project, which is being driven by quality standards and the mechanical engineering expertise that we have accumulated over more than 60 years, is setting a new benchmark.


Cleaning bikes is a complex activity. There's the frame with its inaccessible corners and angles; closed and open components with integrated precision mechanics; as well as oil and lubrication areas. The materials of the frame are just as sensitive, and sometimes even more highly sensitive, than the components themselves. Over-aggressive cleaning agents or an uncontrolled mechanical impact, whether a high-pressure water jet or incorrect cleaning tools, can cause short-term or long-term damage. In addition, more and more electrical and electronic components are being installed – e-bikes are conquering the global market!


The quality of the bikes, along with the price, is constantly rising. If you have invested a lot in your bike, you want to know that it has been properly serviced. This applies not only to private owners, but also to professional bike rental agencies, who can only issue clean bicycles that are in perfect working order to their customers.


The differences in cleaning also depend on the areas of application: road bikes are sometimes easier to clean than well-used mountain bikes or downhill racers. Thick layers of earth and mud must be removed just as gently as months, if not years, of accumulated city dust, which sticks to frames and wheels as a thin but greasy and extremely tough film.


Our range includes the following products:




Cleaning station that facilitates manual bike cleaning or pre-cleaning.


  • The mobile system is mounted on wheels and can be placed exactly where it is needed
  • Also suitable for heavy-duty cleaning of extremely dirty bicycles
  • Extremely low water consumption – approximately 0.2 liters per bicycle
  • Integrated containers for water, cleaning agents, and lubricants
  • Outdoor use without direct access to water
  • Drip tray for environmentally friendly and proper disposal of waste water
  • Minor service work can be carried out
  • In particular, the lubrication of the chain and components can be replaced or restored by an integrated oil dispenser




For both indoor and outdoor professional use.


  • Closed system with a capacity of approximately 20 bikes per hour
  • Suitable for all types of bicycles, including e-bikes and carbon frames, thanks to low pressure and brush technology
  • Extremely low water and energy consumption
  • Outdoor use without direct access to water
  • Environmentally friendly and professional treatment and disposal of waste water


Cleaning agents and accessories


  • We only include certified products recommended for bikes in our range
  • Large quantities are also available
  • There are extensive training courses and user instructions on cleaning agents for proper use
  • Complementary tools for bicycle cleaning complete our range

    More information will follow in autumn 2020.
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