Veloclean The bike wash station for manual cleaning or pre-cleaning.

Easy do-it-yourself cleaning. With low pressure.

The Veloclean offers everything you need for the pre-cleaning or manual cleaning of a bicycle. It can be used as a stand-alone system both outdoors and indoors. Compressed air can be supplied by either an integrated compressor or with the use of an existing external compressor. Two integrated containers are used to store clean water and cleaning agents for washing up to 100 bikes. Cleaning the bike takes place at a comfortable ergonomic working height, making it the ideal device for a variety of applications, from self-service terminals to professional bicycle rental and repair shops.

Your benefits summed up:

  • A mobile system mounted on wheels, so it can be placed exactly where it is needed
  • Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning of extremely dirty bicycles
  • Low water consumption from 2 liters/bike (0.5 gal)
  • Built-in compressor, containers for water and cleaning agents – can therefore be used indoors and outdoors without a direct connection to running water and drainage
  • Drip tray for environmentally friendly and proper disposal of waste water
  • Pleasant, ergonomic working height
  • Suitable for minor service work
  • Can be used as a self-service station with payment terminal or for professional use in bicycle rental or repair shops

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