These were the Field & Expert Days 2019


Three hundred guests from around the world – from Europe to China, Zimbabwe to Argentina – traveled to Ried to take part in the WINTERSTEIGER "Field & Expert Days" from June 25 to 27, 2019. Not only did the delegates come from an exciting variety of countries, they also represented a range of different organizations. Seed breeders, representatives from public authorities, research organizations, universities, and service providers in the field trials sector made the most of the opportunity to engage with each other.


From the lecture hall to the field.

Demonstration of the Classic Plus plot combine in the field

Over three days, the participants found out all about new products and machine developments, as well as the latest trends in field trials equipment – such as the increasing digitization of machinery or using drones to carry out appraisals. As well as expert lectures given by WINTERSTEIGER, HarvestMaster, Jessernigg, Trials Equipment, Data Technologies, Kenomx, geo-konzept, Kubota, Polytec, and Pessl Instruments, the varied program also included a comprehensive product exhibition, tours of the WINTERSTEIGER production facility, and training sessions on the WINTERSTEIGER planting and harvesting software.


The field demonstrations of WINTERSTEIGER seeding and harvesting technology were a particularly memorable experience. The Classic Plus and Quantum plot combines as well as the Dynamic Disc Plus precision spaced planter were demonstrated for the guests, who were given the opportunity to get to grips with every last detail of the machines.

Evening program with culinary and musical treats.

East Rand Youth Choir from Johannesburg, South Africa

In the evening, guests were treated to delicious local delicacies from the Innviertel area. After the keynote speeches, the evening program continued with musical acts and entertainment. This included the "Voigasplattler", a dance group who performed the traditional Austrian "Schuhplatteln" dance, incorporating some impressive acrobatic sections. A particular highlight of the evening was the tremendous performance by the "East Rand Youth Choir". The award-winning youth choir from South Africa is made up of 60 singers aged 16 to 20 and is currently on a tour of Europe.

Establishing a new network: "Seed Breeding Community".

The "Field & Expert Days" were not just about gathering information about requirements and potential solutions, but also taking an active part in the industry: Sixty visitors to the event also attended the kick-off meeting of the global "Seed Breeding Community" network. The goal of this network is to strengthen the links between the main actors in the scientific, provider, and user circles. This will enable the members of the network to work together to take on challenges such as increasing digitization, climate change, and protecting global food security. 


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