LIGNA 2019: WINTERSTEIGER presents a firework of innovations

The Austrian manufacturer will be presenting

  • two new systems from the field of wood surface repair and cosmetic processing, as well as a new thin-cutting saw machine combination (stand F60 in hall 27)
  • Automation solution for stacking lamellas
  • A new generation of thin-cutting band saw blades – DSB Prime ST
  • New products from the field of band saw blades for sawmills (stand E69 in hall 25)
  • Mobile and stationary sawmills from the WINTERSTEIGER group company SERRA GmbH (stand N25 in hall 25 andoutdoor stand FG K52)


WINTERSTEIGER AG will be arriving at LIGNA with a whole host of product innovations and optimizations in tow. Along with two new systems from the field of wood surface repair and cosmetic processing from the WINTERSTEIGER group company VAP Gruber Automations GmbH, the thin-cutting saw specialist from Upper Austria will also be demonstrating its passion for innovation with its range of automated solutions, band saw blades and even a new machine combination. The machine manufacturer SERRA from Rimsting am Chiemsee, Germany, has been part of the WINTERSTEIGER group since January 2019 and complements the product range with its machinery for mobile and stationary sawmills.

TRC 1500 – increased capacity for wood surface repairs.

The new TRC 1500 can be used for the fully automated repair of top layers, engineered  and solid hardwood flooring, and all sorts of planed goods. The combination of injection unit and application unit allows for an increase in capacity. The application unit has a special application system that fills smaller skipped seeds with filling material, while the injection unit repairs larger skipped seeds and actual holes. The TRC 1500 also makes the fully automated repair of top layers possible for the first time.


Timber dimensions: Length: 500–3000 mm, width: 100–350 mm, thickness: 3–30 mm



TRC Manufactory for unique wood surfaces.

TRC Manufactory

Rustic floors are becoming increasingly popular and the newly developed TRC Manufactory guarantees a unique surface every time. The TRC Manufactory processes repaired and formatted individual planks. The system analyzes the planks and then each one is individually processed as follows: The edges of floorboards can be rounded without relying on a regular pattern, while cracks can be milled away and wood grain and knots can be ground out to create a contrasting effect in the overall finish. This results in unique surfaces, and a look and feel that can only be created using the TRC Manufactory.


Timber dimensions: Length: from 500 mm, width: 100–650 mm, thickness: 8–45 mm

Automation solution for stacking lamellas.

When stacking lamellas, the distance between the stacking bars and the number of them on eachlayer have a huge impact on the drying performance – as does the repeat accuracy at the positioning stage. This process is very monotonous and requires intensive manual labor. At LIGNA, WINTERSTEIGER will be demonstrating an automation solution that evenly spaces out stacking bars, which makes the distances freely adjustable. Customers can choose between a fully automated complete solution and a stand-alone solution in line with their specific requirements for the stacking unit.

Machine duo producing sawn veneers measuring just 1 mm in thickness.

Due to the increase in price of high-quality woods, thinner top layers are becoming increasingly popular. WINTERSTEIGER has therefore combined the DSG Notum thin-cutting frame saw with the DSB Compact XM thin-cutting band saw complete with feeding magazine to allow for sawn veneers measuring just 1 mm in thickness to be processed cost-effectively and with a consistent level of quality guaranteed. The cutting process has been optimized to ensure that even rustic items can be split.

Innovations in band saw blades.

WINTERSTEIGER has also been working hard to develop its line of tools – in particular, its band saw blades. It has developed a new generation of thin-cutting band saw blades with improved cutting performance. When combined with a thin-cutting band saw, the new Stellite® DSB Prime ST band saw blades will allow you to achieve an extremely small kerf, while ensuring ultimate precision when cutting hardwood and softwood alike.

Band saw blades for wood, food, and metal.

Block- und Trennbandsägeblätter

Another new product to be showcased at LIGNA are the resaw and log band saw blades for sawmill applications, featuring a blade width of up to 260 mm. The company is also offering a new sharpening service for resaw and log band saw blades for blade widths of up to 260 mm. This comes with a range of logistics solutions for pick up and delivery services.

In 2018, WINTERSTEIGER expanded the production hall at its saw production plant in Arnstadt to about 7,000 m2, making WINTERSTEIGER Sägen GmbH one of the largest saw blade manufacturers in Europe.

New to the product portfolio: sawmill technology.

With the acquisition of SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH in January 2019, mobile and stationary sawmills have been added to the WINTERSTEIGER product portfolio. SERRA develops, manufactures, and distributes its machines and saw blades to over 80 countries from its headquarters in Rimsting am Chiemsee, Germany. SERRA sawmills can split logs with a diameter of up to 160 cm. With over 1,500sawmills worldwide, the numbers speak for themselves. SERRA is the leading German manufacturer, with over 500 band sawmills sold in Germany alone. SERRA will be introducing a vast array of product innovations in hall 25, stand N25, as well as at stand K52 in the outdoor exhibition area.