WINTERSTEIGER expands apprenticeship program: Two new apprenticeships, more new apprentices

Apprenticeship19 apprentices started at WINTERSTEIGER in August and were warmly welcomed by the management and those responsible for apprentice training.

In August, WINTERSTEIGER in Ried launched a young talent recruitment initiative: 19 young people embarked on apprenticeships in electrical systems engineering, metal technology, office administration, IT, and engineering and design. For the first time, WINTERSTEIGER is offering two new apprenticeships in metalworking and mechatronics.


“Be it sports, seed cultivation, or the thin-cutting of wood, digitization and automation

are now part of every machine, and the training of future staff must keep up to pace with this development. Mechatronics engineers bring together hardware and software. They connect machines with electronic components to form a unit, which they then program,” explains CEO Florestan von Boxberg. The mechatronics apprenticeship can be optionally expanded to include specialization in robotics. As part of the metalworking apprenticeship with a shorter teaching period, apprentices specialize in processes relating to prefabrication, such as welding, milling, and boring.

parents were also invitedThe parents of the new apprentices were also invited to accompany their children at the start of their professional careers and were extremely impressed by the warm welcome and variety of products offered by the company.

From apprentice to apprentice: new ‘buddy system’.

To make their start easier, WINTERSTEIGER has developed a new support program for new apprentices. Every new starter is assigned a buddy from the second year of training as a companion, with whom they meet on a regular basis during the first two months. In the very first week of work, the buddies give their protégés a tour of the company, explaining the company structure and the website. Further info on SAP, the IT helpdesk, and tips for their time at the technical college follow. “Someone who has already joined a large company as an apprentice is in the best position to empathize and everyone has very similar questions at the beginning,” says training mediator Julia Höllinger, who has developed and oversees the support program.


As one of the largest training companies in the region, WINTERSTEIGER is currently training 60 young people.