A round sum: 100 electric cars at WINTERSTEIGER

Impressive electric fleet at WINTERSTEIGER
© rambossek

The "Social Car" mobility project has been a resounding success at WINTERSTEIGER so far. As of the last delivery, there are now 88 employees with an electric car subsidized by the company, embracing the "Think Green" motto. Staff can choose from three models: the VW ID.3, Cupra Born, and Fiat 500e. When the electric company cars are taken into consideration, the total sum of electric vehicles across the company adds up to over 100 – almost every sixth WINTERSTEIGER employee has switched to electric. At the same time, charging stations on the company premises are also being steadily expanded. A 150-kW quick-charging station has recently been added to the 20 existing parking spaces with chargers. To cover the electricity requirements over the long term, WINTERSTEIGER has increased the output of its existing photovoltaic system in Ried to 500 kilowatt peak (kWp).


“We're really proud of this initiative. Thanks to the Social Car we're expanding the WINTERSTEIGER catchment area to include places like Linz, Steyr, and Enns. The cool, fresh design is a real eye-catcher,” explains Head of HR Elisabeth Kriechbaumer, who is part of the project team along with three other colleagues. The Social Car initiative is offered to all employees at the seven WINTERSTEIGER sites in Austria: Ried, Mettmach and St. Martin, Vienna, Altach and Bartholomäberg in Vorarlberg, and Liezen in Styria.