The new Matrix NC from WINTERSTEIGER: Structuring for winning times

The new Matrix NC from WINTERSTEIGER: Structuring for winning times

This year's opening event of the Alpine Ski World Cup in Sölden, Austria, not only marked the start for the world's best ski racers, but also the beginning of the coming winter sports season for WINTERSTEIGER Sports and the launch date for its new race grinding machine. The Matrix NC from the specialist in ski service machines is an innovative new product for base grinding racing skis. Whether for slalom events or one of the speed disciplines, the gliding properties of a ski count among the deciding factors in a race. The same goes for Nordic skiing.


The Matrix NC is the successor to the Race NC, which has been on the market for 15 years. It elevates the base grind, profile structures, and 3D structures for ski racing to a new level. Using the integrated structure generator, structures and base surfaces can for the first time be generated virtually and then applied to the ski. This gives the service technician a preview of the selected settings. The settings can also be created externally on a PC/laptop and then transferred to the Matrix NC, saving crucial time in the technician's tight schedule during the racing season.


Thanks to its configuration options, the Matrix NC can be tailored precisely to the customer's needs and has many optional features. For example, customers can choose between a pneumatic or electronic feed, a rubberized roller or a go-kart tire, as well as countless centering variants for the ski. Other features of the Matrix NC include a high-pressure pump for cleaning the grinding stone, integrated stone management, and automatic stone height adjustment. When developing the Matrix NC, particular focus was placed on ensuring the machine is intuitive and user-friendly, through features such as the structure preview, the remote control for contacting the diamond to the grinding stone, and the help programs for balancing and changing the grinding stone. Although the Matrix NC was developed for racing, its user-friendly features mean it can also be used for special ski grinding for end customers.


Alongside organizations such as Ski Austria, the German Ski Association, and other national associations, WINTERSTEIGER works in close collaboration with manufacturers. Together with Emanuel Mayringer, the WINTERSTEIGER Sports Racing Director, a team made up of technicians and developers supports WINTERSTEIGER's racing customers. For Emanuel Mayringer collaborating with the ski associations and manufacturers is the key to developing new technology at the highest level: “The thing that sets these partnerships apart is the focus on maximum performance and top rankings, so we all support one another to achieve the best possible result. This in turn results in top spots for the teams and manufacturers.”


WINTERSTEIGER Sports will be presenting the Matrix NC to its customers in the Nordic region at an event to be held at the beginning of December in Oslo, Norway.