Micro Grinder VNC

Saw service for DSB band saw blades.

The automatic NC machine can be used to resharpen all band saw blades. The enclosed design makes it ideal for wet grinding. The generously sized grinding disc together with the powerful cooling ensure optimal grinding results.


Besides offering mechanical perfection, the Micro Grinder VNC is also an absolutely innovative product - ergonomically as well as electrically. The operator enjoys an easy-to-understand machine set-up and a simple handling by a swivel-mounted display for conveniently adjusting the grinding parameters. The software can be intuitively operated and is therefore easy to learn; it allows the storing of the respective grinding programs.

As a result, the machine set-up time when changing the saw type is significantly reduced. Further advantages of the Micro Grinder VNC: The optional exhaust system clears the air from grinding mist and other pollutants.

WINTERSTEIGER’s experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

Great range of applications

  • For saw blade widths from 50 to 300 mm (2 to 11.8″)
  • For all common tooth shapes
  • Customized grinding programs

Highest-quality grinding

  • Large grinding disc
  • Effective blade cooling
  • Variable grinding speed

Easy to use

  • Grinding program management
  • Swivel-mounted display
  • Simple tooling-up of saw blades