X-Cut band saw blade: What our customers say

X-Cut band saw blade

Hamminger “Altholz Products”, Austria.

Josef Hamminger: "The X-Cut band saw blade has a clean, fine and smooth surface. It's like with food, you buy what looks good!


About the cutting performance: We are seeing dimensionally stable cutting results across the complete length and width of the material. And the blade life is substantially longer. We can use the saw blade for up to 5 x 2 hours without sharpening. This long blade life drastically reduces the overhead for sharpening work!"


Houschko, Austria.

Josef Houschko: "The band saw blade has a much longer blade life; about 1/3 longer on average than the band saw blades we used previously. The stellite teeth handle the main cut, and there is no need for setting in the first re-sharpening cycle."


Rajko Rabe, Germany.

Rajko Rabe: "My impression is that the X-Cut band saw blade is one of the best performing blades that I have ever sawed with!


In particular, the excellent dimensional stability with difficult wood, such as hard, dry spruce, really impresses me. The blade life is amazing; I can saw for up to four hours of operation without losing quality.


And I no longer need to change the blade when different kinds of wood are mixed up on the stack. Re-sharpening is simple, and you virtually never need to reset, only if the blade is exposed to extreme loads after several sharpening cycles. But this is easily done on normal setting machines."


Mebel Art, Poland.

Martin Thoma: "Thanks to the X-Cut, we have achieved a faster feed speed with less force. Time savings are one of the biggest benefits. On average, the blade life is twice as long compared with the previous tooth-tip-hardened band saw blades. And there is no need to reset every time you sharpen."


LIBRA, Belarus.

Ivan Lukyantsev: "My customers are very satisfied with the X-Cut saw blades. Because they deliver to Western Europe for the most part, the smoother surface of the cut material is a genuine quality gain. The excellent cut surface, in combination with very good blade life justify the higher price of the X-Cut saw blade and definitely make it economical to use in our production."


LLC “UNiK,” Russia.

Anton Zaytsev: “We are pleased to offer a WINTERSTEIGER product innovation – the X-Cut stellite-tipped band saws – to our end customers. The first results have already been positive and we hope this will be particularly manifested in winter while cutting frozen wood. The X-Cut is distinguished by the high blade durability and the excellent cut quality. Tests have shown that these properties are upheld even after 8 to 10 resharpenings. We have great expectations for this saw blade!”