The largest model: The Twinhead NG 6M thin-cutting band saw

We delivered a Twinhead NG 6M thin-cutting band saw, currently the largest machine variant, to China in August.


Our customer has been a WINTERSTEIGER partner since 1998 and already operates seven thin-cutting frame saws which were joined three years ago by a thin-cutting band saw. This year, the customer has invested in a Twinhead NG thin-cutting band saw line with 6 modules.


NG – the latest generation of band saws.

The Twinhead NG thin-cutting band saw stands for maximum performance and application assurance – two compelling criteria in our customers' decisions. After all, the 6-module band saw line ensures the maximum capacity currently offered by WINTERSTEIGER: In a single shift, it cuts around 7,000 m2 of lamellas in hard wood!


Support from afar.

In addition to top performance, application assurance is a particularly important topic here because the customer operates at a very remote location. This explains why we equipped the plant with remote maintenance: Using our remote system, the WINTERSTEIGER customer service technician can log into the machine and, for example, configure the optimum machine settings in real-time, or answer questions.


New: Automatic saw shutdown.

Additionally, the automatic saw-shutdown function was installed. This feature protects the saw blade and the machine against damage. Thanks to the high-precision triggering system, saw blade drift is prevented by immediately shutting down the feed.