100 million soon to be reached: tilo relies on the high-performance TRC 3000+

System doubled: two TRC 3000+ machines in mirrored configurations

Since the end of 2012, the TRC 3000+ fully automated timber surface repair machine at tilo in Lohnsburg, Austria, has performed almost 100 million injections to correct defects such as knotholes and cracks in wood. In 2016, the system was expanded by a mirrored line, thus doubling the capacity. Located between the two lines, the same robot does the handling for both – and now gets twice as much work done.

The demand for natural flooring continues to be strong, and this trend is reflected in tilo's single-plank flooring products. "We had exceeded the capacity of three-shift operation, so adding a second TRC 3000+ was a logical step," says Gerhard Stockinger, who is responsible for production, purchasing and logistics at tilo.


Perfect detection of defects and perfect repair.

Above all, tilo is pleased with the performance of the "brain" of the machine – the defect detection scanner. The 3D scanner detects defects and calculates the precise amount of filling material required. As expected, the amount of material used has been reduced. For tilo, it is not just the savings that is an important argument in favor of automated repair, but also the difference in quality. Stockinger says: "The filling material adheres better. In addition, the quality of the filling material that is applied is more consistent with the TRC 3000+. That has a positive effect on the quality of the places repaired."


Working with WINTERSTEIGER and VAP – the automation expert in Mettmach, Austria, which has been part of the WINTERSTEIGER Group since 2012 and implemented these systems – has been very pleasing for tilo. The tight schedule for the machine expansion was kept perfectly, and the entire system is very stable in operation.


With its staff of 270, tilo is the largest employer in Lohnsburg, and still has big plans for the future. As one of Europe's leading flooring manufacturers, the company is aiming to achieve above-average and faster growth than the rest of the market again in the 2016 business year.