Thin-cutting frame saw DSG Notum booms in the USA

Interview with Jason Fry, Area Sales Manager


9 DSG Notum thin-cutting frame saws were sold this year to new and existing engineered floor producers, to boards and door manufacturers. This high number proves the top quality and popularity of this machine. Jason Fry, WINTERSTEIGER USA sales manager, talks about the success and the reasons behind it.


Jason, this success is impressive. Who are the DSG Notum customers and what do they produce?

Jason Fry: We sold 3 thin-cutting frame saws DSG Notum to BSL, 2 machines to Concord Industrial and one to Homerwood. Those three companies are new WINTERSTEIGER customers producing engineered floors. Another new customer is  American Millwork with boards.


How did these new WINTERSTEIGER customers become aware of you? Why did they buy from WINTERSTEIGER?

All customers are convinced of WINTERSTEIGER's excellent reputation for quality and service and they are increasing their production capabilities. 



Another DSG Notum enthusiast is Hardwood Solutions. How many DSG Notums did they buy and why?

Hardwood Solutions purchased 2 more DSG Notum and now owns a total of 6 machines.


Why did they keep choosing this machine?

They specialized in providing lamellas and boards for their many customers. Most of the Notum thin-cutting frame saws are dedicated to individual product ranges.


What are the main advantages for all your customers?

The frame saw was the first choice for all of them because it is easy to operate and requires only small product dimensions. They appreciate the open design for access to the frame, the efficient setup process, the accuracy of fit (quality) and the cutting tolerance, including surface finish.

The fields of applications are very different with products such as engineered floors, boards and door manufacturers. The DSG Notum seems to be a real multi-talent!

Yes, it is and all our customers are very satisfied with their new machine. Due to the high sales volume combined with travel difficulties, we were a bit slow with technical service but we work hard and we will manage for sure.