New at Tarkett: TRC Preclean 2M


Fully automatic precleaning of oak wood saves resources and increases safety


At the end of 2022, Tarkett in Orzechowo, Poland, was presented with a TRC Preclean 2M: The system, using a second processing robot compared to the standard machine, was commissioned on schedule shortly before Christmas and handed over to production.


With the TRC Preclean 2M, the wood surfaces are automatically pre-cleaned, damaged areas such as knotholes are cut out and soft spots are removed. Among other things, Tarkett produces rustic oak parquet at its Orzechowo facility – which is currently being prepared for repair with the TRC Preclean 2M. The 3-layer parquets have an oak top layer with a thickness of 3 to 4 mm.


Tarkett significantly increases productivity and reduces the workload of the employees who previously milled out the defects manually. In addition, there is the safety aspect: The employees no longer have to work with compressed air cutters.



High degree of automation.

With the new TRC Preclean 2M, Tarkett combines the 2 processes of precleaning and repairing in one production line, thereby achieving a high degree of automation: "We have combined the cleaning and filling processes in one line and see a significant increase in productivity. Another advantage is the savings in personnel costs, compressed air and milling cutters. The precleaning process has become safer and more cost-effective. The TRC Preclean 2M is quick to change over, very flexible and user-friendly," explains Mateusz Sobczak, responsible process engineer at Tarkett.


If the capacity is no longer sufficient, the plant can be expanded with additional processing tables and robots. Installation and commissioning of the line were completed within a week, while adapting the machine software to Tarkett's requirements took just under 2 weeks. The company is very satisfied with the entire project process.