DSB Singlehead NG XM
Thin-cutting band saw

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DSB Singlehead NG XM Thin-cutting band saw

Flexible thin-cutting band saw.

DSB Singlehead NG XM Thin-cutting band saw

Flexible thin-cutting band saw.

Highest precision for maximum efficiency and flexibility. 


The DSB Singlehead NG XM is perfect for when changing demands require maximum flexibility. Numerous features make cutting wood possible even under the most difficult conditions – regardless of the wood type and application area.


The machine's intelligent design makes future capacity expansions child's play: A simple in-line extension of the band saw up to 6 machines allows for complete flexibility. The robust design and WINTERSTEIGER's decades of expertise guarantee

maximum machine performance and a quick reinvestment.


  • Robust block guide for a wide range of applications
  • High-tech saw control for the greatest precision
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency
  • Cutting width up to 660 mm


Your benefits summed up

Robust block guide for a wide range of applications

  • Driven feed rollers at top and bottom
  • Continuous, solid supporting table with special coating
  • Processing of any block characteristics


High-tech saw control for the greatest precision

  • Gentle saw blade entry for better cutting performance
  • Sensor-controlled saw monitoring
  • High-tech carbon guides

Maximum flexibility and efficiency

  • Optimized for wet and dry cutting
  • Designed for diverse applications
  • Extendable to up to 6 machines in-line


Minimal kerf – maximum profit.

Those who want to remain successful in the future must keep a firm hand on conserving material in these times of raw material shortages and subsequent high prices, as this trend will only become more prevalent going forward.


Fortunately, conserving material is a specialty of the DSB Singlehead NG XM. WINTERSTEIGER promises minimal kerf, paired with maximum precision. This allows an increase in timber yield of up to 40 % compared to conventional wood-cutting methods.


Your gain: up to 40 % greater timber yield!

Regular cut with increased loss caused by a lack of precision.

WINTERSTEIGER thin cutting with minimal cutting loss and maximum precision!

Lamella thickness from 1.3 mm.

The highly innovative combination of thin saw blades along with a precise saw blade guiding and a sturdy block feeding system makes it possible to produce extremely thin lamellas. Thanks to this masterly technical performance, the DSB Singlehead NG XM closes the gap between classic veneer and high-quality saw veneer.

With its flexible design, extremely low cutting loss and 32 kW drive as standard, the DSB Singlehead NG XM impresses with outstanding performance and efficiency gains. These gains result from savings in both materials and machine time that have a positive effect for any kind of application. No matter whether you are cutting wood or alternative materials, wet or dry conditions, irrespective of plank dimensions or XXL formats, requests for a single cut or a high-capacity production line – WINTER­STEIGER assures the most precise cut with the lowest possible material loss.

Robust block guide for a wide range of applications.

Innovative feeding system.

Singlehead Transportrolle

Driven feed rollers above and below guarantee continuous block feeding, even when faced with extreme workpiece characteristics. The specially rubberized feed rollers and the innovative counter-pressure system guarantee optimum grip as well as minimum friction for wet or dry material. The specially coated supporting table simultaneously ensures that the workpiece is as stable as possible. The feed rollers are electronically controlled and infinitely adjustable at the in-feed and out-feed (4 – 20 m/min). The vertical stabilization of the workpiece in the cutting area is the basis for the perfectly precise cut.


The DSB Singlehead NG XM owes its unusually high level of precision to the specially coated supporting table. Additional driven pressure rollers immediately above the cutting area guarantee the constant stability of the workpiece across its full width. This gives you the ability to cut not only pre-planed material, but also uneven and rough-sawn blocks with longitudinal or latitudinal deformations or that are warped or cupped.

Optimal feeding for every application.
The DSB Singlehead NG XM facilitates high-speed feeding of 8 to 45 m/min for high-performance applications in the highest capacity range. For precision or special applications with sensitive materials or XXL dimensions, infinitely variable feed control
(from 1 to 15 m/min) is available.

Blocks with longitudinal/latitudinal deformation, cupped or warped

Block dry cutting

Block dry cutting

Block wet cutting

Block wet cutting

High-tech saw control for the greatest precision.

High-tech saw control

Smooth saw blade entry for better cutting performance.
The smooth saw blade entry system goes easy on the saw and improves the quality of the output. Thanks to the reduced speed at entry of the sawblade into the wooden block, the forces working on the saw are minimized: the deflection of the blade is reduced. Once the blade is completely submerged in the wooden block, the speed of the feed is increased again.


Sensor-controlled saw monitoring.
The system has sensors for monitoring the pressure on the saw blade guide and the space between the saw blade and the saw blade guide. When a certain level of tolerance is exceeded, for example by the blade jumping out of the guide and drifting while cutting the wood, the material feed is automatically stopped and the wood remains in its current position. Once the cause has been remedied, the feed can be restarted and the machine returns to normal operation. Stopping the saw prevents greater deviation from the desired cut.

Further benefits:

  • Saw blade protection: A loss of tension on the saw blade through overstretching is prevented.

  • Machine protection: The machine components are protected because the feed or the machine is stopped when the blade drifts.


  • Material protection: Saw blade drift is detected early, preventing tolerances from being exceeded and reducing waste.

  • Tool costs: The graphic display allows proactive retooling at precisely the right time.

Sensor-controlled saw monitoring

High-tech carbon guides.

High-tech carbon guides.

This high-tech composite material made of abrasion-proof carbon fibers and heat-resistant epoxy resin guarantees precise blade guiding and an extremely long lifetime.

Automatic saw blade regulation.

Automatic saw blade regulation.

When cutting non-homogeneous materials such as wood, the saw blade is exposed to different cutting forces. The automatic saw blade regulation uses a sensor to detect the displacement of the saw blade caused by differences in cutting force. An adjusting mechanism driven by an electromotor controls the pulleys accordingly and guarantees the optimum positioning of the saw blade. This prevents also the saw blade running off the pulley.

Servo-pneumatic saw blade tensioning.

Servo-pneumatic saw blade tensioning.

A servo valve controls the saw blade tension, which is adjusted to match the saw blade dimensions. During non-operating hours, the tension is reduced to prevent wear on the saw blade.

Maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Optimized for wet and dry cutting.

Flexibility means being equipped for any demands and the challenges they bring. Whether it is the cutting width, maximum block height of 165 mm or the innovative spraying system – everything about the DSB Singlehead NG XM is geared toward flexibility.

Innovative spraying system for wet cutting.

Spraying the saw tooth with a special, highly wood-compatible spraying agent creates a vapor that lubricates and cools the saw blades. The spraying intervals can be customized according to necessity. The benefits: improved lifetime of the thin-cutting saw band thanks to reduced friction and the prevention of resin build-up. The benefits of the spraying system are particularly evident when cutting wet wood. But it also demonstrates its performance in applications involving wood species with a high resin or silicate content.

Optional spraying with water.

As an alternative to conventional spraying agents, water is also well-suited for the processing of certain kinds of wet wood. A small amount is sprayed on the tips of the teeth and loosens the mass of wet sawdust, resin and lubricant. The lateral clearance angles of the saw therefore remain clean and functional. Water as a spraying agent can be combined with conventional agents or employed separately as needed.

Clear and straightforward with a practical wood program.

The clear user interface facilitates quick and straightforward setting of all desired parameters. From apprentices to experts – the user guidance is comprehensible for everyone. All important settings can be applied clearly on the start screen.

A practical feature is the memory function in the software for commonly recurring process parameters. Multi-lingual user guidance and numerous service and help menus are further bonuses, aiding the user with cutting, wood and sawing programs, operating data logging, diagnosis and maintenance indicators, etc.

First-class ergonomics and ease of maintenance for maximum machine availability.

Singlehead innen

First-class ergonomics and ease of maintenance for maximum machine availability.

The DSB Singlehead NG XM also offers maximum comfort for maintenance. The arrangement of the components and accessibility to the infeed and outfeed areas guarantee rapid retooling and quick maintenance work.


The design of the machine floor and the optional dust transport auger significantly aid cleaning. This minimizes maintenance and cleaning-relating machine downtimes: A basic requirement for high machine avail­ability.

Saw blades developed and produced by Wintersteiger itself.

Customers with exacting requirements require individual tools.

WINTERSTEIGER supplies the best material, optimum saw blade dimensions, and tooth geometries in line with requirements.


Thin-cutting systems and band saws from WINTERSTEIGER are impressive!


  • Optimum solution
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Reliable partner


Diverse applications require flexible material-handling options.

Depending on the application area and its requirements, WINTERSTEIGER offers a wide range of timber transport options. From robust roller conveyors to fully automated production systems, the possibilities for optimizing your production processes are almost endless.

Hinged roller conveyors and powered roller conveyors.

Hinged roller conveyors and powered roller conveyors.

The stable support for long blocks at the machine‘s in- and out-feed ensures precise cutting. For this purpose WINTERSTEIGER has developed massive roller conveyors and powered roller conveyors in lengths of 2.5 m, 4 m and 5.5 m.

hinged conveyor systems

The hinged conveyor systems also offer easy access to the machine door for rapid tool change.

Feeding magazine

Feeding magazine – an easy way to boost efficiency.

Inserting multiple blocks of wood into the feeding magazine helps to eliminate interruptions in the workflow and the use of materials. It enables employees to operate multiple machines or run multiple work processes at the same time. The feeding magazine and the thin-cutting band saw work together perfectly: Combined software controls prevent operating errors – the feeding magazine adapts to the feeding speed of the machine. It is very easy to set different block heights mechanically.

reversing system

Convenient reversing system.

The reversing system is a user-friendly solution to use a stand-alone DSB Singlehead NG XM with one operator only. Working with the reversing system, the operator positions the workpiece manually on the roller conveyor. After the cut, the block is returned to its starting position, and the saw blade is automatically positioned for the next cut. This process is repeated – without the need to reset the machine – until the whole block has been cut. One major benefit of this option is that the complete cutting process is fully automated. Apart from removing the cut lamella, there is no need for manual intervention. And there is no need to reposition the saw blade manually.

Merry-go-round: Minimal staff – maximum profit.

Let the block run around in circles while you minimize your personnel requirements. The tried and tested merry-go-round system can be individually adapted to your requirements. A number (defined by the customer) of wooden blocks are positioned on the merry-go-round system. Full integration into DSB Singlehead NG XM's machine software allows individual programs to be stored and wooden blocks to be processed almost fully automatically. The entire process can be operated by just one employee. This employee always loads the wooden blocks and unloads the cut lamellas from the same position.

From an individual machine to a multi-module production system.

From an individual machine to a multi-module production system.

DSB Singlehead NG XM – a machine concept that grows with your capacity requirements. You start with an individual thin-cutting band saw and expand as required into a complete production system with up to 6 ma­chines. The production systems form complete manufacturing units with a compact design. The automation of, and integration into, individual process solutions are among WINTERSTEIGER's core competences.

In comparison to alternative machine concepts, accessibility to all saw units and machine components – despite their compact design – is WINTERSTEIGER's core premise, even with multi-module arrangements. This accessibility improves ergonomics and reduces setting-up, configuration and saw-blade replacement times to a minimum, thus increasing machine output.

WINTERSTEIGER after-sales service.

When the delivery ends the support begins.

WINTERSTEIGER after-sales service.

When the delivery ends the support begins.

The best time to evaluate the quality of an investment is several years after delivery. For this reason, WINTERSTEIGER has an after-sales service that is available to you all over the world.


  • Commissioning and training
  • Production support
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Blanket orders for consumables and saws
  • On-call help desk.

WINTERSTEIGER’s experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

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