Fit for the future with a top-class depot and "the future of rental"

© Jens Ellensohn

The new Fleckalmbahn building ushered in a new era in Kirchberg – and not just because it's Austria's fastest cableway at 7 m/s. Intersport Kitzsport is also bearing this step into the future in mind – with a new, modern shop, 400 top-of the range storage lockers, and "the future of rental". 


The new Intersport Kitzsport is clearly focused on convenience. "The building is designed so that there is only a short way for the skier. The piste ends 10 m before the gondola entrance and the depot entrance", explains Marketing Director Stefan Schwingenschlögl. 


"Kitzsport flair" can be seen and experienced in the depot.


There was no compromise on quality in any of the 400 storage lockers for skis, poles, ski boots, and helmets, according to Schwingenschlögl: "As a family business, we have relied on quality for almost 100 years, so it was never a question of making cutbacks in this segment. It was very important to us to bring that special ‘Kitzsport flair’ feeling to everything in our shop, as well as in the depots.”

© Jens Ellensohn

Design with fine grinding at the helm.


The new top-of-the-range lockers are particularly elegant in design and also save energy, thanks to their hybrid drying system. The body is covered with a special, extremely durable coating and its subtle glitter effect really catches the eye. "Our CEO personally chose the crucial details of the design," says Schwingenschlögl. 


"The future of rental" convenience factor.  


Rounding off the modern, customer-friendly shop on the Fleckalmbahn is a total of 10 "the future of rental" workstations. "We've noticed that the stress factor during peak hours decreases automatically when customers see when it will be their turn on the Easygate monitors. This is a big advantage for us, because we can guide the customer through the rental process so much more easily," emphasizes Stefan Schwingenschlögl. 

© Jens Ellensohn

 The Sizefit wow factor.


Both customers and employees benefit from Sizefit. Schwingenschlögl: "The convenience factor associated with Sizefit devices cannot be underestimated. Many customers are grateful that they do not have to take off their ski boots. And there is a noticeable wow factor as soon as the electromechanical sole is 'extended'. For our employees, it's a huge improvement compared to the old shop, of course, because the flow of customers now splits up rather differently." 


The collaboration with WINTERSTEIGER went smoothly, emphasizes Stefan Schwingenschlögl: "Support was always there during the design phase, which suited us very well. The partnership is well-rooted in company history and is based on trustworthiness."