Smart product solutions for comprehensive indoor air disinfection           in laboratories and doctor's practices

Smart product solutions for comprehensive indoor air disinfection in laboratories and doctor's practices

Our Cubusan air purifier uses the innovative Sterex plasma technology and eliminates 99.9 percent of all bacteria and viruses directly in the air – perfect for laboratories, doctor's practices, and other medical facilities.

Optimum hygiene conditions

Unlike conventional air filters, the indoor air does not need to circulate first: Germs do not spread around the room, instead they are eliminated directly, reducing the risk of infection to a minimum.

Whether in the waiting room, at the reception desk, in the corridors, or the laboratory – the Cubusan air purifier is easy to integrate into any room thanks to its compact design and extremely quiet operation. If required, protection against infection can also be provided around the clock. Depending on your requirements, startup can be individually controlled via an external timer – efficient and clever!

Your benefits


Thanks to the innovative Sterex plasma technology, the Cubusan air purifier eliminates 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses directly in the air. The germs are destroyed directly, all indoor air is completely disinfected.

Odor reduction:

As the Cubusan air purifier also neutralizes bacteria, unpleasant smells are also reduced to a minimum at the same time – a definite plus point when it comes to the indoor environment.

Minimizes the risk of infection:

By eliminating harmful germs, the risk of infection is drastically lowered, which plays a considerable role in maintaining patient health.

Improves indoor air quality:

Air purification improves the quality of indoor air in general.

Maximum flexibility:

With the aid of an optional, external WLAN timer, the Cubusan air purifier can be started up at will. Whether around the clock or within certain windows of time – your needs determine the usage.

Makes employees & patients feel safe:

As it considerably reduces the risk of infection, both employees and patients feel safe and well in their surroundings. Patients no longer need to avoid doctor's practices for fear of infection.
Cubusan air purifier in medical practice. | © WINTERSTEIGER

The Cubusan air purifier in action

Thanks to its efficient protection against infection, the Cubusan air purifier is the ideal hygiene solution for every doctor's practice. With its compact and stylish design, it can be integrated into any room with ease and thanks to its extremely quiet operation, it does not disturb employees or patients – this is next level of indoor air disinfection!

What our customers are saying

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cubusan luftreiniger bei praxis dr. andreas werle.
“My patients are very interested in Cubusan air purifiers in my practice and want to know why I’ve opted for this as a doctor. Often they want to know exactly how it works and what effect it has. My employees are also pleased with the Cubusan air purifier. They are happy to be able to work in such a ‘clean environment’ while also getting additional protection against infection thanks to the device.”
Dr. Andreas Werle