Our product solutions for infrastructure & transport

Our product solutions for infrastructure & transport

Efficient drying and germ reduction even under difficult conditions: WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect

Wet equipment and cold boots? Not with WINTERSTEIGER! Our wide range of products for drying and germ reduction also brings numerous benefits to the field of infrastructure and transport.

Hygienic drying solutions for infrastructure & transport

Even under difficult conditions, our innovative drying systems really come into their own, making them a real plus for the infrastructure and transport industry. After all, when highway maintenance are working in snow and icy conditions, having warm, clean, and dry work clothing makes a challenging day that little bit brighter.

How to best use Dry & Protect in your infrastructure operations? Discover the key benefits of our drying systems!

Your benefits

Material-friendly drying

ensures that clothes and equipment last a long time.

Thanks to the innovative Sterex plasma technology, 

work clothing is efficiently disinfected and germs are reduced.

Fewer germs, fewer odors: 

Unpleasant odors are a thing of the past thanks to germ reduction.

Condensation drying or air circulation drying

are particularly energy-efficient.


Drying systems of various sizes can be flexibly positioned.

Save time thanks to quick drying:

Short drying processes save significant time during day-to-day work.

Jackets, trousers, boots, or helmets: 

Numerous drying functions allow for versatile usage.

Intuitive operation: 

The self-explanatory control unit with color display makes for easy and convenient operation.

Maximum customization:

Expandable systems mean you can tailor the use in your company to suit your needs.

The benefits for your industry

Dry, germ-free work clothing – this is the goal in every field of work. Why does WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect really come into its own in the field of infrastructure and transport? Take a look for yourself at the numerous benefits of our drying systems for your industry!

Road traffic:

Highway maintenance employees work to ensure the roads are safe to drive on, even under the most adverse conditions during the winter months. The drying systems from WINTERSTEIGER enable them to warm up during breaks – with dry, clean clothes and warm boots. Efficient disinfection also reduces germs and odors.

Rail traffic:

When it comes to rail traffic, employees are often working outdoors for many hours. Warm, dry equipment is a must in this field. Thanks to WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect, the work clothing of staff in rail maintenance sheds is optimally clean and dry, even in large halls.

Air traffic:

Whether in baggage handling or aircraft marshaling, wet jackets and damp boots are among the daily challenges for airport personnel. With highly efficient drying systems, WINTERSTEIGER ensures you're flying high with dry, pleasant clothing – and that the high-quality equipment lasts a long time.

What our customers are saying

My people are working round the clock in really tough conditions. That’s why it’s essential that employees can get properly warm and recharge during their breaks.
Markus Bratschko, Asfinag

FAQs on using WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect in infrastructure & transport