Our product solutions for fishing & shipbuilding

Our product solutions for fishing & shipbuilding

Dry wet work clothing quickly and energy-efficiently with WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect

Our drying systems deliver comprehensive drying and reliable disinfection after intensive days of work on board – so that every day is comfortable and dry.

Hygienic drying solutions for fishing and shipbuilding

Your daily challenges: soggy protective clothing, highly variable weather conditions on board, and hard, sweaty work. Our solution: the innovative drying systems in our Dry & Protect line. These ensure that clothing, boots, gloves, and so on are dry and disinfected as quickly as possible – ready for the next shift.

How can our advanced product solutions benefit you and which services can you enjoy with WINTERSTEIGER? Let us explain.

Your benefits

Clothes and equipment last longer

thanks to material-friendly drying


thanks to advanced Sterex plasma technology

Odor reduction 

thanks to effective germ reduction – making clothes pleasant to wear day after day

Low energy consumption 

thanks highly-functional condensation and air circulation drying

Space-saving storage

with drying systems in a variety of sizes and versions

Time savings 

thanks to quick and efficient drying processes that take just a few hours

Versatile use 

thanks to numerous drying functions, such as drying of jackets and trousers as well as respirators, boots, helmets, and gloves

Easy, intuitive operation 

thanks to integrated, self-explanatory control unit with color display

Maximum flexibility 

as the drying systems can be expanded to suit your individual needs

The benefits for your industry

Impressed by the advantages of the innovative WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect products? We're delighted! But what are the benefits for your industry exactly? We have summarized the key plus points for fishing and shipbuilding.


After a long day on board working in highly variable weather conditions and soaking-wet clothing, our product solutions are here to help: Thanks to efficient drying technology, clothing, and boots are quickly dry again and ready for use on the next shift. Not only that, the drying systems provide comprehensive disinfection, which reliably reduces unpleasant odors. And what's more, the protective clothing is warmed by means of condensation drying – ideal for work outdoors. WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect delivers a beneficial result: It provides effective support for the health, safety, and comfort of your employees.


WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect is an efficient way to ensure comfortable and safe conditions on board, so you can be sure that your customer's requirements are fully met during the construction phase. This is because our product range provides energy-efficient drying solutions with a material-friendly disinfection function. Our drying systems are also built for maximum quality which means a long service life. And they are especially practical for work at sea: the high-quality powder coating provides maximum protection against corrosion. Even with daily contact with saltwater and highly variable weather conditions, there's no need to fear rust nor deterioration. So our systems have the ideal prerequisites and offer numerous benefits which your customers will appreciate too.

FAQs on using WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect in fishing & shipbuilding