Air purification by WINTERSTEIGER

Air purification by WINTERSTEIGER

Innovative technology for reliable air purification is the future of hygienic cleaning. It ensures comprehensive disinfection of indoor spaces and neutralizes 99.9 percent of all viruses and bacteria directly in the air. Unlike conventional air purifiers, the germs do not need to travel through the room to a filter, nor is there a need to use ozone or UV-C for disinfection. Promoting health and safety is our absolute priority. WINTERSTEIGER's concept for air disinfection is guided solely by modern standards and the latest technology. We're a step ahead!

Why is air purification useful?

Active indoor air disinfection destroys viruses and bacteria directly in the air to fulfill hygienic standards and minimize the risk of infection in indoor spaces. Conventional air purification systems usually do this by recirculating the indoor air. This means that the germs are drawn through the entire room before they reach the filter. As a result, the harmful particles remain in the air for some time and pose a health risk for everyone present.

The air purification by WINTERSTEIGER neutralizes germs directly in the air – without any circulation. How does it work? With the innovative Sterex plasma technology . 

Viruses and bacteria that get into the air. | © WINTERSTEIGER

Sterex plasma technology for indoor air disinfection

Sterex plasma technology has been specially developed to disinfect indoor air. The process neutralizes 99.9 percent of all viruses and bacteria – without chemical agents or significant amounts of energy. The key? The fan integrated into the device actively enriches the room with disinfecting ions while consuming just 8 watts – remarkable energy savings compared to conventional air circulation. 

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Your benefits

Air purification powered by WINTERSTEIGER offers numerous benefits: 

Elimination of 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria

Requires no maintenance or upkeep

Energy-efficient system with low electricity consumption of 8 watts

No chemical agents, therefore harmless to health

Can be integrated into any room thanks to its compact design

Extremely quiet cleaning process

Cubusan air purifier in black and white. | © WINTERSTEIGER

Our products for indoor air disinfection

Reliable, innovative, easy, clean: WINTERSTEIGER has developed the Cubusan air purifier for maximum, comprehensive disinfection of indoor air. 

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