Talentum Set 2, without Panel

Stylish design & efficient drying for use at home

The products in our Talentum series utilize xDry recirculation drying and are designed for versatility. This technology does not require a connection to the wastewater system and the appealing design makes them attractive for use at home or in offices too. You can use the drying systems as a functional, eye-catching cloakroom – ideal for drying sports shoes, hiking boots, or ski boots.

As one of our Plug & play products, the Talentum drying systems are supplied ready to plug in. This guarantees quick installation. The mControl control unit also ensures easy operation. It features a pre-programmed timer, but can also be operated via an external timer (WLAN) – efficient drying made easy!

The xDry exhaust air drying

The xDry technology works according to the principle of air circulation drying. This is based on powerful fans which convey dry air to the wet equipment and then release the moisture into the indoor air. You benefit from a thoroughly energy-efficient, material-friendly, and versatile drying process.

Fields of application

The open drying systems of the Talentum series available as both boot and glove dryers as well as universal dryers, providing welcome flexibility depending on the customer's needs. Whether you need to dry shoes and boots, clothing, or gloves – this smart system is ideal for drying all your equipment at home.

Technical information
Boot drying:2 pairs
Glove drying:2 pairs
Helmet drying:2 pieces
Air hanger:2 pieces
Dimensions without panel (W x H x D):83 x 170 x 35 cm
Dimensions with panel (W x H x D):84 x 170 x 37 cm
Ambient temperature:15 – 30°C
Power consumption:45 W (with Sterex: 55 W)
Supply voltage:  1 AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Nominal current: 0.3 A (with Sterex: 0.3 A)
Fuse:16 A
Weight without panel: 30 kg
Weight with panel: 40 kg

Your benefits

Maximum quality: Robust sendzimir galvanized sheet steel and high-quality powder coating ensure optimum corrosion protection. 
Material-friendly drying: xDry recirculation drying can also be used for plastics and synthetic fibers thanks to its gentle operating effect.  
Maximum flexibility: The mControl control unit is easy to use and features a pre-programmed timer. This allows you to individually control the drying process. 
High-quality design: Talentum drying systems are designed for versatility – thanks to diverse design options. Whether you opt for classic black, industrial bronze, or an elegant wood decor: the look can be tailored to suit the environment. 
Hygienic drying: The products in the Talentum series are based on the xDry recirculation drying, but can also be optionally expanded with the Sterex plasma technology. Not only does this ensure energy-efficient and material-friendly drying, it also provides comprehensive disinfection and odor reduction of clothing and equipment. 

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