GreenDry condensation drying

GreenDry condensation drying

Energy-efficient drying technology with air circulation system.

Energy-saving, economical, flexible: the GreenDry condensation process enables energy-efficient drying without affecting the indoor climate. The integrated recirculation drying only circulates the hot air within the drying system and does not release it externally.

How does the GreenDry drying technology work?

The GreenDry technology works with a condensation unit, where moisture from the heated air condenses on cold copper pipes. The water runs along the pipes and is collected in a built-in water tank. If there is a wastewater connection, the extracted liquid can also be discharged directly into the wastewater system. This efficiently prevents the formation of mold and unpleasant odors. 

To also save energy, the heated air circulates in the closed drying locker and does not escape into the room. What's more, the air is only heated by the heating elements at the start of the drying process in order to reach the required operating temperature. Afterwards, the heating process is only activated if the temperature in the drying locker falls. This means up to 60 percent less energy is used compared to conventional devices – smart!

Your benefits

An overview of the key benefits of GreenDry condensation drying:

Energy-saving drying

Ready for use from an ambient temperature of 7 °C

Optimum indoor climate thanks to air circulation system – no moisture in the room

Prevents the formation of mold and unpleasant odors

If there is a wastewater connection, water can be drained directly into the wastewater system

Gentle on plastics and synthetic fibers

These products from the WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect range use GreenDry condensation drying