xDry air circulation drying

xDry air circulation drying

A material-friendly drying technology that's also energy-efficient.

Gentle air drying and supreme comfort for the wearer? Yes please! With xDry air circulation drying, all your equipment is quickly ready to use again.

How does xDry air circulation drying work?

The xDry technology works according to the principle of air circulation drying. This is based on powerful fans which convey the dry air to the wet equipment and release the moisture into the indoor air. As there are no heating elements to warm the air, this is a particularly energy-efficient process. The xDry technology only uses regular air drying. In other words, the supplied air is not heated during the drying process.

This ensures an energy-saving and material-friendly drying process, plus all xDry products are optionally available with  Sterex plasma technology

For even greater comfort: Warm air drying powered by SpeedDry

This works according to the same principle, but our SpeedDry technology also comes with the option of additional warm air drying.

Discover our SpeedDry drying technology now!