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The new Panama Canal: WINTERSTEIGER keeps work clothing dry

TrocknungsschrankWintersteiger has delivered 240 drying lockers to the Panama Canal.

Following an eight-year construction period, the expansion of the Panama Canal formally opened on June 26, 2016 – and WINTERSTEIGER AG of Ried supplied 240 drying lockers for employees’ work clothing at the locks.


The 80-kilometer Panama Canal is one of the most important trading routes in the world, connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific. To ensure even large container ships will be able to pass through in future, the canal was deepened and widened to include a third navigable channel.


During the project, the staff social areas were equipped with WINSTERSTEIGER drying lockers, meaning staff now have access to 240 lockers – 120 on the Atlantic side, 120 on the Pacific side. The heated lockers are designed to dry trousers, jackets, boots, helmets and gloves. This represents a huge improvement to working conditions: Humidity is very high in the tropical climate of Panama, with heavy rain a daily occurrence from May to December. The drying lockers are highly efficient, working fast enough to be used even during a lunch break.


The Sports business field of WINTERSTEIGER AG, the Ried-based special machine builder, offers solutions for the professional drying and disinfection of skiing gear and work clothing. These include open and closed systems, among them stainless steel solutions for sectors such as the food industry.